Abismo de Pasio... ep 3 .. March 14... secrets revealed... Sorry but Cruelty towards children should be a crime... punishable by permanent humiliation

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Recap by Super Marta

the plot thickens,  secrets revealed... the good the bad, the cruel and the contrast between the 'how to' parenthood example (Lupe, Ramona, Este, Rosendo) vs the 'how NOT to' parenthood example (Fina)... In Rosendo’s office, Padre gets dropped into a surprise ‘guess who’ game of mitaken identity… Carmina runs away… Rosendo comes in, Padre lupe has to remind him of the monthly help for Gael’s education… Rosendo asks him to continue keeping the secret… he does not want his wife Fina about his supporting Gael., she can’t stand Gael. Rosendo says have enough problems already to add on to the arguments with her. Padre mentions he has noticed their relationship is worsening… Fina swears he is involved with another woman… Rosendo denies. Padre says I was ignoring it until a moment ago… a woman came in here while I was waiting for you in the dark.. she thougth I was you… Rosendo denies denies… Padre won’t tell him who he thinks the woman was… Rosendo keeps trying to brush it off as a confusion. Padre says can’t force you to confess… but my duty as priest and your brother in law and friend is to warn you not to jeopardize your relationship with your family, especially with your son… he is not to blame for your problems with Fina.  I know my sister has not been the ideal wife, but she might deserve another chance… In Gael’s name, that boy who has not been blessed with a family like yours, thank you for the check… and thank you from me too.  Don Lucio and Dona Blanca at home   … he is tired… she suggests he retires…  he says he would die if he did nothing… he is still strong… she suggest they could start a business, a fashion house (she can make dresses for the women…).. he can’t see himself in the middle of a ‘casita de modas’.. he is used to dealin with workers, not with women spending their husbands money… she says different would be story if we had kids… we would not be lonely and bored… Lucio argues that Elisa our goddaughter is like our granddaughter…  Blanca agrees that Elisa is adorable, like her mom. Julio says can’t say the same for Carmina… Blanca says Carmina is not that bad, but you have never wanted to see her virtues.. Lucio says they must be deep in the bottom of the barrell…  Blanca tells him Elisa and Este came by… they were sad, seems Augusto gave her a jealousy rage scene and the little girl noticed… Lucio says Augusto should control himself because if not, one of these days Este will tire of him… Blanca assures him Augusto is Este’s great love… In bed at their house, Este is giving Augusto the silent, talk to my back treatment… she is hurt by what happened, how he accused her.. He tries to appologize… she says he always swears the same… he admits he is full of defects, but she can’t deny his love. If he lost her he would go crazy… he sometimes feels that he does not deserve her… she says she too has defects… no… he fell in love from the moment he first saw her… same here… (Carmina is eavesdropping at door, gets jealous/envious at the scene/dialogue she just heard so she knocks hard (obviously she might want Rosendo’s money but she hates Este too, maybe wants Augie for herself)… Este goes to door… Carmina plays dumb, says have a headache… cannot find the meds… gets Este to leave room, in walks Carmina .. asks Augie if he is still mad at her… He brushes it off… she kisses his cheek (yup, this woman drools for her brother in law)… and says good nite.. Rosendo gets home.. Antonia (Alfo’s loyal maid) tells him Damian waited for him all afternoon to ride together … Rosendo runs to stables to find Damian… tries to appoligize and Damian forgives him… Rosendo will go riding with him early tomorrow before going to work… Damian gives him the other amulet that he got from Ramona. Rosendo puts it on right away… laughs when Damian asks him for the 100 pesos…  remind me tomorrow… Damian asks him if he was at the blue house by the celote… Rosendo again denies denies denies…  Este finds Lolita in kitchen, she just walked in but seems she was stood up by Braulio.. her boyfriend (oopsie, she has no clue Braulio had the accident)… Estefania is very comprehensive with her… we all have out faults.. when we love a man we forgive much. Lolita refuses… Este says consult it with the pillow.. lol…  When Este leaves, Lolita rages a bit more … Rosendo gets home… Fina does not wait to bring up the ‘someone saw you at the house by the cenote’… when he says he already told Damian he was not the man he saw, Fina begins trying to seduce him.. says I want to change… really I want to change.. I want us to get back to the way we were when we got married and were expecting Damian…  At the Castano home, the ambience is very different, seems Augie and Este reconciled.Once Augie leaves, Elisa asks Este if Carmina will stay with them forever. Este expects Carmina to leave when she gets married, don’t you like her staying with us? No, she always tells me ugly things, that I don’t behave, that I will go to hell… Este asks when she said that, Elisa says yesterday when I found her in your room putting your perfume on… she is seeing someone…  Este says she has not told me anything about  a boyfriend.. but last night she got home late… Elisa goes ‘see?’  At Arango hacienda, Gael is looking for Damian… he wants to warn Damian that they might get ‘mal de ojo’ (curses) because the witche’s daughter already tattle-told about them!  .. Fina comes out and immediately gets accusative with Gael. She won’t listen to reason, she does not want Gael to come to the hacienda or looking for Damian.  Damian rides with Rosendo in the chile fields tells his dad that Fina says Gael is ‘less’ than them… Rosendo says that’s silly, tries to explain that Fina does not know Gael that well. Damian says but my uncle Lupe lets him stay in his house. Rosendo explains Lupe has taken care of Gael since he was very little. Damian asks why. Where are his parents? Rosendo avoids the answer saying they could have died, noone knows… Damian says ‘and that is why my mom can’t stand him? It is not his fault.’ Rosendo agrees. And I give you permission to be his friend. I think he is a very good kid. Rosendo tells Damian have to go to work. Damian thought they were going to the cenote, Rosendo says no, even left someone waiting to come riding with you.. have to go. (of course we see Carmina getting impatient at the blue house waiting for Rosendo).  At Ramona’s shack… Ramona is feeding the birds with a dropper… Paloma is putting the bread in the basket… Ramona won’t tell her who brought the birds, and gets a bit irritated when Paloma says she will have to return the money if the birds die…  but nags at Paloma for not being able to sell all the bread yesterday. Paloma wants to go sell the bread at the procesadora… Ramona won’t let her go anywhere near that procesadora…  does not want anyone to treat her bad or say things about her. Paloma says people already say bad things about me for being your granddaughter because they say you are a witch. Ramona warns her that if she goes near the procesadora, she will BECOME the witch everyone says she is…  I won’t let you go there, to maybe run into… who? … nobody!... (when Paloma leaves) God protect you my child. From that evil man who killed your mother (I don’t know you all, but my guess of fill in the blanks here is Gabino). Carmina runs to Rosendo’s office to nag at him for having left her waiting…  Rosendo says it was his son.. She says ‘now you are the father of the year?’ She tells him Damian saw them together at the house… Rosendo says Padre Lupe possibly recognized her at the office last night… she says priests don’t talk.. Rosendo says only when it is a confession secret…  but Lupe is also my brother in law… She brushes it off… Rosendo is really scared that everything will be discovered… she tells him ok then lets call this quits… Rosendo gets anxious, can’t live without you…  She is not willing to be his lover forever… he is not sure how to handle his son and this… she suggests they flee, they can be free and happy elsewhere… would you be capable of abandoning your family for me? … he stays quiet… didn’t you say you can’t live without me? … he is reluctant to leave his family just like that…  Carmina says Fina will raise a scandal… Rosendo says this land and business has been in the family for many generations… it is his duty to care for them until his son can take over… he pleads with Carmina.. I adore you, I love you, I idolize you… but he is not prepared to do what she asks right this moment… she says fine, then I will go look for someone with the BALLS to give me what I deserve!!She huffs out of there… She walks out and right into Lucio, who greets her, but she just walks right by him… Damian lost / dropped the money… Elisa and Gael get scared about the witch… Elisa will try to ask her mom for the money…  She leaves Gael and Damian hugging at the town center gazebo… Damian has an idea… At the house, Este confronts Carmina… why are you tormenting my daughter about going to hell and stuff like that? … Carmina calls Elisa a gossip… Este says once I thought of you as a 2nd mother to my daughter if I ever was not around.. but not anymore. Carmina says I have enough problems to take on your daughter… Este insists Carmina was using her perfume and came home late last night. What is going on? Nothing!! I am your sister, why don’t you tell me what is going on??Lolita comes to get Este, … Sra Tovar is here and wants to see her.. Este leaves Carmina huffing about the ‘escuincla’ (Elisa) Begoña (what a name!) came to appologize to Este… she won’t be able to invite her to the charity group… Fina banned her… she didn’t directly say why, but I think it is because what is being talked around town about you and Fina’s husband having a relationship… Bego denies Fina told her directly but ‘sort of implied it’ Elisa runs into Paloma…Paloma offers bread, but Elisa forgot her money at home… asks Paloma how are the birds… so it was you who brought them? .. well, me, Damian and Gael… are they ok? .. did they die??  No, not yet… my grandma says they miss their mom but they will be ok… want to come to my house? I can ask my mom money to buy your bread… and to pay your grandma what my friends and I owe her… Augusto visits Rosendo at office… brings the new contract with ‘errors and ommissions’ as excuse to talk to him… Augie is rather abbrassive so Rosendo asks what’s the problem? .. Aug: the problem is you have to control your wife. She can’t go around raising false gossip about people.Ros: so that was it… look, I heard what my wife said about Este and myself.. of course it is a lie.. you have no idea how embarrassed I am about it.Aug: it is your fault, Rosendo. If Fina doubts you she must have a reason.. (Rosendo rolls his eyes) then it is true! You are messing with another woman!Ros: I am hopelessly in love with another woman. Which is different.Aug: That does not justify deceiving your wife.Ros: you don’t know what it is like to live with a woman like Fina.Aug: You should have thought about it earlier, before you formed a family and had a son with her! Who is that woman? Who has made you lose your mind?Ros: it doesn’t matter anymore… it is over. Elisa brings Paloma in her house… Lolita sees them… Elisa asks about her mother, she went out. Lolita is very friendly with Paloma… Paloma wants to leave but Elisa takes her to her bedroom… Este is visiting Fina… Es: I want you to explain to me what is it you are after telling everyone in town that I am with Rosendo?Al: Who told you?Es: Augusto.Al: What happened that night is that I was not feeling well and… Es: You have no forgiveness possible, Alfonsina. And if indeed Rosendo is unfaithful to you, you can be sure it is not with me. Because I have no need to go find lovers. Fortunately I am very happy with my husband.Al: Este, don’t get like that. My intention was never..Es: Your intention has always to harm my reputation. And not just recently. Its been like that all your life. And I have never understood why you can’t stand me… I only will tell you this… I don’t know how you will undo that gossip.. you know how ‘purist’ everyone in town is… and I am not worried about myself because I have nothing to hide. But I am worried about my daughter. And you should also worry about your son Damian. Sometimes children are the most affected by their parents mistakes… Excuse me. At Fina’s bedroom.. Damian and Gael come in… Gael is scared of being there, but Damian convinces him to look for his mom’s purse… or do you want the witch to put a curse on you? (te del el mal de ojo)?  Just when Gael has Fina’s purse in his hand, Fina walks in.. goes beserk. Yells for Antonia to go fetch Lupe to come get this ‘burglar’ out of her house.. At kitchen in ElTal, Braulio with bandaged head and arm comes to see Lolita. At first she doesn’t believe him, even threatens him with smacking him with a  pan… he tells her about the accident… she finally believes him after he says go ask Lucio if you want!... she gets really TLC with him, offers to fix him a chicken soup… will you forgive me? When Padre Lupe comes in, Fina has let Damian go away, but is arguing with Lupe accusing Gael of planning it and convincing Damian… Lupe is not so convinced the only one to blame is Gael.. in any case they both are to blame, she surprised them BOTH in her bedroom. She won’t call Damian because he would take the blame for Gael..Lup: how convenient, right? … Look, Fina! I don’t justify that Gael and Damian wanted to take money from your purse! But they are just kids! You can’t judge them so severely! And that goes for Damian and Gael alike!Al: No, no, don’t compare them! They are not the same! I don’t understand your obsession to defend that ‘mocoso’!!  (all this right in Gael’s face, which is full of tears)Lup: Fina, better not force me to speak…Al: No wonder his mother abandoned him at the church.. what mother would want to care for that boy? (OUCH!! Can’t wait to see how Mark T portrays a man carrying such a burden of complexes, insecurities and painful growing up.. despite Padre Lupe;s love… )Lup: Alfonsina… Damian wants to go see Lupe to explain what happened, that Gael did not steal anything… Antonia won’t let him go.. if he goes, the one that will be ‘fired as in a fair’ Is her!)Lupe: Stop crying, Gael.. go ahead to the church… (once Gael leaves) Listen, Fina.. if you don’t want me to forget that I am a priest and that you are my sister, don’t you ever hummilliate Gael that way! For God’s sake, sister! What type of catholic woman are you??Al: No, forgive me… My religious beliefs have nothing to do with my feelings toward that ‘escuincle’. I am certain he is a bad influence for my son, and I don’t want him near him.Lup: God forgive you, Fina. I see it is no use to keep talking to you. And don’t worry, you won’t see Gael again at your hacienda. But regarding his friendship with Damian, I am afraid you won’t be able to do anything about that to avoid it. In the name of God, sister. Lolita runs into a Estefania coming home… Lolita is happy telling her she reconciled with Braulio and about his accident. Este is tired/concerned… Este asks about Elisa, Lolita says she is in her bedroom with a friend. In Elisa’s room Paloma is admiring all her dolls and her room… When Este enters the bedroom, Paloma gets really scared and runs away…   Elisa says ‘ay mama, you spooked her!’ LOL At church, Gael: You do believe me, right?Lu: I do believe you. But you and Damian did wrong. Should not have taken money without permission, that is like stealing, and that goes against the word of God… Fina was right to be angry. Of course nothing justifies what she told you.Gael: Padre, do you think my mom abandoned me at church because she did not want to have a child like me?Lup: No, don’t say that. I assure you that is not true. My sister has had many problems lately. Just don’t look for Damian in his house, meet him somewhere else. Agreed?I better go to the church, there must be lots of people waiting for confession…(what a great scene.. after the nasty one with Fina) At confession booth… first in waiting for Padre Lupe is none other than Carmina… Padre begins ‘ave maria purisima’ twice with no response… until Carmina says she came to tell him she was the woman at Rosendo’s office.. not only that, Rosendo and I are lovers… / why do you come to tell me that? / because I had to get release… you have to keep the secret. / but what is it you expect of your relationship with Rosendo? He is a married man,  What can he offer you? / LOTS! Like getting me out of this darn town! That is what a woman like me deserves!... / then your interest for him is not about feelings / ah no… since we are in the confessions line.. the man I love with all my soul is another.. someone you also know… it is Augusto Castañon, my brother in law.(and we leave the ep with the bomb just dropped on Lupe’s lap) Previews: the confession repeated… VO: But on a night where jealousy releases forbidden passions… We see Rosendo meeting Carmina outside the gate, swearing he will go with her…VO: Falls the veil of lies… (seems Estefania sees Rosendo and Carmina kissing outside)