Abismo de Pasión: Elenco y Personajes

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I hope you all find this helpful. I know I always like to see and know a little about the characters before the first episode.

They sure sprung this one on us, didn't they?

Information translated from this site.

Elisa Castañon
played by Angelique Boyer
Daughter of Augusto and Estefanía, niece of Carmina. Elisa has been an orphan from a young age. She grew up with her father and her aunt Carmina, who became the second wife of her father. She is an extraordinarily beautiful and noble young woman surrounded by the bitterness of her father and aunt.

Since her childhood, she has been a very close friend to Damián and Gael. With the passage of years, her feelings for Gael continue to be friendly, but her feelings for Damián have grown into a profound love.

Damián Arango
played by David Zepeda
Son of Rosendo and Alfonsonia. Since childhood he's had a close friendship with Elisa and was separated from her by his mother who sent him away to study.

Nevertheless, when he returns to town and sees Elisa the brotherly affection he felt for her becomes a deep love for which he is willing to fight against his mother and best friend.

As the novel opens, he is the boyfriend of his cousin Florencia Landuchi, a superficial and selfish girl out for herself.

Florencia Landuchi
played by Altair Jarabo
Girlfriend to Damián. Capricious and selfish. She has decided to marry Damián at all costs.

Gael Arango
played by Mark Tacher
Life-long friend of Damián and in love with Elisa since childhood.

He was abandoned at the doors of the church when he was just a baby and was taken in by Father Guadalupe who cared for him like a son. He has always been in love with Elisa, whom he protects from the idle talk and wicked deeds of the townspeople. For her he is willing to fight against Damián.

Alfonsina Arango
played by Blanca Guerra

Widow of Rosendo and mother of Damián. She mistakenly believes her husband was going to escape with Estfanía because they were lovers. In reality, he was going to run off with Carmina. Since then and with increasing anger she has poured all her rage on Elisa.

She was of course not willing to allow her son to have a friendship with the daughter of the woman that robbed her of her husband and sent her son to the capital to study.

Rosendo Arango
played by César Évora

Husband to Alfonsina and father of Damián. An unhappy man in his marriage and madly in love with Carmina with whom he planned to run away and at whose side he planned to start a life.

Augusto Castañon
played by Alejandro Camacho

Widow of Estefanía and father of Elisa. He impulsively married a second time to his sister-in-law Carmina. He mistakenly believes his first wife was the lover of Rosendo and was going to run off with him...an idea Carmina makes sure to reinforce and that Estefanía is unable to refute since she unexpectedly dies in an accident while with Rosendo.

Carmina Berger
played by Sabine Moussier
Estefanía's sister and sister-in-law to Augusto, with whom she weds after her sister's death.

She was Rosendo's lover and thought to run away from the village with him; however, he dies in an automobile accident with Estefanía. Carmina takes advantage of the situation and makes her brother-in-law believe his wife was cheating on him.

For years she hated her sister for marrying the man she loved.

Estafanía Berger
played by: Ludwika Paleta
Mother to Elisa, first wife of Augusto. She is a woman of great beauty and class.

She dies trying to stop her sister Carmina from running away with Rosendo. Because of events, it appears that she, not her sister, was running away with another man.

Padre Guadalupe
played by Rene Casados
Brother to Alfonsina, uncle to Damián and protector of Gael, whom he raised and took care of in the church all these years. He possesses the horrible secrets of Carmina but has been unable to share them all these years as they were, oh hellz yes, told to him during confession. He has had to remain quiet all these years; waiting for the truth to come to light and guiding the protagonists as they secure their happiness.

Paloma González
played by SQUEEEEEEE! Livia Brito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She has been the best friend and protector of Elisa since she was a girl. She protects Elisa as a sister would. She is a pretty girl; tan, warm and seductive. She is hopelessly in love with Gael even though he only sees her as a friend. When Elisa accepts marriage with Gael the friendship between the girls cracks.

Ramona González
played by Raquel Olmedo
The town herbalist. Everyone brands her as a witch. She is the grandmother of Paloma for whom she has cared for and raised since the girl's mother died.