El Talisman 3/8/12-- Does Pancho Eat Everything With His Hands?

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Dear Talismaniacs:

Our dear Sylvia is traveling and is unable to recap this evening. She asked that we put up a header and chat amongst ourselves.

A couple of starter topics:

1. Why did Camila's hair (at the party) stick up like a cockscomb in the back?
2. Why didn't Antonio change his shirt from yesterday?
3. Why is Elvira such a beast?
4. Why didn't we get an invite to the tacky party at the cheese ball apartment?
5. Why did El Tal get moved to 1PM?
6. When shall we start with Julia's challenge of Haiku recaps?

The answer to these and other important questions will be considered in your following posts.

ElnaJune, on behalf on our stalwart Cap'n Sylvia