El Talisman ep Wed Mar 14: writers are finally earning their chamba; Lookraz needs to study mechanics... and panchito's scary day

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Recaps by Anita and Marta Ivett  I love it, our poor telenovela got relegated to the Hour of Shame just when things start getting interesting. Add to that, two recappers posted recaps for this one episode! Anita posted hers on the weekly comment but it deserves its own post. Then Marta sent me her recap; so it must be kismet. On the day when all heck breaks loose in telenovelalandia, protagonist walks off the job (or gets walked off), writer gets fired, we have two recaps and a new post for discussion.
 Anita's recap: EL TIRESOME
Here goes--2nd Verse, Same as the First.

If you watched yesterday's and missed today's, you didn't miss much.

Elvira is reassured of Renato's wealthy status after having a serious discussion with Secretario-guy. She also learns that he has no other amante, although he did have his aventuras when he was much younger. She'll be back tomorrow to redecorate the whole house, which she thinks looks frio (Secretario-guy looks sick).

Antonio and Piggorio have a father and son discussion about wills. I think Tonio has the will to outlast Piggo. Where are we with the poisoning? PapaPiggo seems pretty healthy to me right now.

P&C are still in Tijuana. Cami has dudas about Pedro when she hears him speak Mariana's name outloud in a dream. She WANTS to know if he loved Mariana enough for her to become his mujer. Muy impactado Pedro finally swears his love for Cami and swears she's the only person he's ever loved. Smoochies.

There are two very creepy dream sequences in this episode. Lukrazia has found Mariana's address book. She brings it into Pedro's room and stretches out provocatively on his bed and dreams of haciendo el amor with Pedro. She wakes to find him AWOL. That puts her in a snit.

Antonio's begins his episode by choosing one of two "escorts" he brought in (actually his bottle makes three) to accompany him to a room in The Only Hotel INN--Fresno. He orders the "pro" to fix herself up like the girl in a photo he hands her. My, my it's of Camila

...Lo and Behold!! Not only did the Stand-In Camila do a superb job of looking like Camila, she even sounds like her, too. Antonio's dream involves some licking (yuck).

Flo visits Claudio over at El Tal to intentar a relationship, although she prefers to remain good friends--then she comes up with "friends with benefits" (another yuck in the making?). She almost gets caught by Genov (no prob), although she gets hysterical. Then she does get caught by Mama Doris who is just on her way out the door with her suitcase (no prob), although Flo doesn't see anything wrong with this picture.

Renato has decided to have a boda day after tomorrow. He gets Armando to help him get a surprise boda ready. Armando grills him again about whether he's deceiving his mother. Renato gets insulted and nearly cancels the whole thing (yeah, like crossed fingers and tongue in cheek).

To pay for the boda, Renato seeks out Tracy. Yes, in all his munificence, he'll let her go--NO WAY, REALLY? Yes, yes, but first you have to give me ALL your money.

Armando calls Pedro at the sacristy. Are they in a different time zone? Everybody in Tijuana is asleep while everyone in Fresno is awake. Armando wants to reassure Camila that Renato is on the up and up, because Renato said so.

One scene I forgot to include was the police detective visiting El Tal and talking to Aunt Pat about the phone call. He says he will reopen the case, but they should be very discrete, because if it gets out it could start tongues wagging about Pedro again. Lukrazier just happens to overhear that from her perch upstairs.

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Anita Marta Ivett's Recap:  The fake Mariana calls wherever Padre, Pedro and Cameela are… Pedro gets nervous, grabs phone from padre… turns out it is a woman hired by Antonio… again… YAWN. At the ‘supposed luxury apt of Rennie’s’, the maitre-d lets Elviral in… she comes up with excuse she needs to ‘get to know Rennie’… does he have more properties? … does he have another woman?... guy says he is single and rich.. ‘well, then he is really rich?’… the man lies and says Rennie does have lots of money, many successful businesses… bout time Mr Nato enjoys life.. that is just egging on Elviral’s ego… man keeps on lying saying Rennie needs some tlc… Elviral is drooling… as soon as we get married, we will live here. (man seems to startle a bit irritated) At Rita’s… Rita is nagging she has to see the ‘gordo ese’ again…Tracy comes out… she is shy, wants to talk to Rennie… Rita gets annoyed, but Rennie will listen. Tracy does not want to be around when Elviral is here… Rennie tries to intimidate her again into staying… Rennie will let her go as soon as he gets married, but if you talk before that, you asked for it … Back to phone call… Pedro asks Mariana several times where she is… (the woman hangs up… Antonio satisfied at what she did.. that was enough for today)..Pedro can’t stay doing nothing… but there is nothing he can do but wait… At traz… Antonio and Vale see Pigorio come in startled… he wants to talk to Antonio about his mom’s will… you are wasting your time… let your lawyer come in and I can show him her LAST will… in case you did not know, the official will is the last one (regardless if she died a couple decades ago? Really, Pigorio?)… and in it your mom gave it all to me, you and Lukrazy have no rights, NONE, over ‘traz. …  this got Antonio’s attention… Cameela agrees with Pedro staying with Padre… in case Mariana calls… Cameela offers to stay with him… Pedro’s passion goes on haywire… but quickly Padre summons her to the guest room… Back to the fake luxury apt… houses at the beach… after there they usually get on the yatch… very big one…  Elviral plays ‘don’t get along with sea but will endure if there is a party or event to attend’… she will ‘compensate’ the man once she moves in…  she wants to re-decorate the apt… she will turn it into what Rennie always dreamed of… (I bet with huge paintings of her wearing head bands)… it will be a great surprise for him…  the man gets really uneasy…  Claudio receives an unexpected visit, Florencia…  Lukrazy told him she was coming… Flo is really uncomfortable visiting him when he is alone.. people can talk and imagine the wrong thing.She does not want the word to get to her dad or granddad… they share some juice… Armando is on laptop talking to the laptop… no, it is Fabiola on video chat…  hmmm. Could Fab take a pix of him on screen and show Flo? This could be very bad for Armani… Fab is happy, wants Flo to be as happy when she finds another novio.. Antonio does not believe pigorio… totally unexpected… Pigorio roars like a lion saying ‘traz is his, he is the ONLY owner of ‘traz… you can keep on trying to conquer the good for nothing Cameela, you are not smart enough to get a woman like her… Antonio brings out the skeletons in Pigorio’s closet too… ‘just like you were not smart enough to get Matilde, Mariana’s mom, your true love’..This hit Pigorio where it hurts…  Antonio claims he can have any woman he wants… but now Matilde is dead, he could never forget her… Pigorio threats shut up or you will see what I can do… Cameela in guest room gets sheets from padre… Cameela asks Padre what does he think of what is going on… he is unsure, he finds it suspicious, prays it is not someone’s bad joke… Cameela says she thinks it is not Mariana…she is afraid it might be Lukrazy Negrete… a woman capable of anything to get Pedro… Padre asks how could Lukrazy get his office phone no?... Cameela doesn’t know but still thinks it could be her… once even made up that she had been beaten as long as Pedro would take her to ElTal… we next see Lukrazy with Mariana’s phone number/address book (so there is the answer)… Padre says that does not sound good… but every creature of God has something good in them… only Pedro has the number… but even he forgets it now and then… Lukrazy at ElTal is in Pedro’s room, laying on bed rubbing on it in a perverted way…  she dreams of Pedro being with her in the negligee of the month… Pedro fully dressed… not really seductive dream, is it?...  whoa! She dreams Pedro says ‘I love you so much, Camila, so much!’ and she wakes from the nightmare upset ‘camila! Always camila! … I can’t stand that tasteless/bland woman!’(insipida)… Flo with Claudio… she is releasing her upset heart on him… poor Claudio… he offers to help her forget her old novio… she is afraid it won’t work… he wants her to let him try… she does not want to hurt him… he insists so she gives in… but lets not make it official… lets try as ‘friends with rights’ first.. so she wants a free and open relationship, you can go out with someone else, I can go out with someone else… Claudio is willing to take it … as long as she gives him a chance.. she won’t let him walk her back home.. suddenly she sees someone and gets really scared. Claudio investigates.. not to worry, it is Geno, Cameela’s friend… its ok.. Flo not so sure, she says Geno is friends with Cameela, and she hates Cameela because she will marry my dad.. Claudio impactado… (well, they are not quite as ‘safe’ as Claudio thinks).. Geno runs right back with the gossip to Cameela’s replacement Tomas… they agree that Flo surely escaped from ‘traz to see Claudio…  they are banned from talking with anyone from Eltal.. Geno comments that it is sweet to go against ‘lo prohibido’. Seems like these two are hot for each other… no problem if you stay…  Pigorio and Antonio are STILL arguing… Antonio says go ahead and hit me like when I was a kid… noone will accuse me of your death… but that does not mean I won’t kill you…’ Pigorio dares him…  Antonio insists ‘noone will be able to accuse me,… daddy.’ The police teniente comes to ElTal, Tia and Sarita tell him about the calls to Pedro, seems the calls were from a payphone… cop says he can find out where the calls came from. Tia gets hopeful that she will recover her niece… teniente says another important thing would be that we can find out if Pigorio had something to do with her dissappearance. Teniente will reopen the case tomorrow. But something sounds odd… could someone play a bad prank on you all? If we re-open the case and Mariana does not show up, the comments/gossip will start over again in all of Fresno… tia understands, all eyes / accusations will get on Pedro again…  Lookrazy has been hearing this, she wants to see what happens when the whole town starts gossipping that Pedro killed Mariana. Padre and Pedro talk, Pedro wants to wait for another call from Mariana… Padre asks him to calm down… Padre says remember what Sister Luciana said when you were worried? ‘rested and relaxed we will know how to deal with the storm’… Padre asks him in the name of Sis Luciana, get some rest. Pedro misses her so … Padre says surely she is with God… don’t worry.Gives Pedro a pix of Hna with Padre and all the kids, she would like for you to have it. Pancho comes to see Pigorio… Pigorio is not in mood to talk… Pancho gets his attention with ‘I thought you would like to know what Lookrazy said about what she is going to do with her part of the ranch, but I will tell you tomorrow’..  seems she is about to give it to Pedro Ibarra.. (say what?)Pigorio is in disbelief… swears that will never happen… how far is the dumb/brute Lookrazy capable of going? I would die before seeing my ranch in the hands of that wretch!! Pancho agrees with Pigorio, he would fight to prevent that from happening too… Pigorio puts him on the spot right away.. ‘you would even kill?’ … Panchito gets a bit restless, reluctantly says yes, but first we have to see if Lookrazy DOES give her part to Pedro.. right? But I don’t think she would go that far.. but if it were to happen, I would do anything to see you happy… Pigorio is glad to see one of his children is brave and really cares for him. You inherited my character… and I will let you prove it.. I want you to kill Pedro Ibarra… (Panchito gets deer in headlights look) Pigorio asks are you already regretting what you said? ..no, no, dad but it feels a bit.. hijoles! … a bit scary, no? but I’ll do it. Pigorio says he likes the attitude but there won’t be no  need (anyone else sees a resemblance to the biblical episode with Abraham and God and the sacrifice of the son?)… Panchito recovers his breath, he was turning tomato red… ‘because if Lookrazy dares give him her part of ‘traz, noone, not even you, will take away the pleasure of killing Pedrito myself. Panchito gets scared again, but nods yes… Cameela comes out of room, finds Pedro sleeping in sofa… she can’t sleep but he is sound asleep.  She puts a blanket on him…  as she puts the blanket on him, he says the name of Mariana, she wonders if Pedro is dreaming of Mariana, (in credits we see a take of Mariana that is very pretty, she looks like she has a bright aura around her) … asks him (he is still sleeping… why don’t you wake him up with a kiss and ask him, you stupid version of princess charming??) did you ever love her? Are you going to leave me when she returns? … ay, Pedro.. sometimes I feel like I know you and other times… I don’t know you at all… Phone rings, it is Cameela who is really anxious, answers it and does not let anyone out there speak… where are you? we are desperate!.. .now it is Pedro who asks her to calm down and not speak that way, Pedro grabs the phone and asks more calmly if it is Mariana and where she is… false alarm, it is some Sra Sanchez looking for Padre Sebastian. Padre has to leave to do his stuff… with a dead guy…Pedro does not want to argue/fight with Cameela, are you jealous of Mariana? … Cameela demands he tell her if he ever loved Mariana as a woman…! Pedro can’t believe she is distrusting him… repeats I don’t love Mariana, love her as a friend/sister, nothing else! (how many times should we be submitted to the same script page?? ENOUGH!!) .. why are you crying?? … Don’t know, it’’s not your fault! But why did I have to fall in love with such a complicated man?? (is he really complicated or are you the one complicating matters to the Nth degree with your jealousy??) (he just stays there staring at her, good for you Pedro! No use wasting any more drool on this argument)PI: now it turns out I am the complicated one? Let me tell you you are no easy puzzle either.Cam: I don’t have to get hard/difficult.PI: Please understand what I am going through.  I am worried about Mariana.. but I can’t understand the reason for your jealousy.Cam: Forgive me, my jealousy is huge! I know! Please forgive me!PI: (comes to hold her from behind to comfort her). Ya ya.. easy.. please understand one thing.. I love you too much.. you are the only woman I have loved in my life…Cam keeps appologizing.PI: I want you to calm down.. you will see when Mariana shows up, everything will work out…  Elviral comes back to hotel, assures Armani that Rennie is indeed rich… Rennie calls the room, Armani answers but Rennie does not want Elviral to know it is him… he is at hotel lobby and needs to talk to Armani…   Armani meets Rennie at hotel lobby, won’t want to marry her… want the wedding to be in two days…  (Armani is startled) As Rennie explains, they see Antonio arrive at lobby with two girls… Armani freezes so Rennie turns around. Antonio is getting a room… Antonio shoves one girl away.. only to invite the hotel receptionist to join them.. (*creep!)..  Rennie asks Armani who it is, Armani tells him he is the dad of a friend of mine… Rennie asks him to be discreete, about the guy betraying his wife… Armani shakes it off and resumes the talk about wedding… Rennie wants to do the civil ceremony as a surprise for Elviral… do I count on you?... At Traz, Doris is leaving again with suitcase, runs into Flo coming back… where are you coming from? Went out to walk by yourself at this hour? … don’t believe you, if you don’t want to tell me don’t worry, but your dad would not like to find out you were out walking on your own at this hour.  Go to bed… Flo gets to bedroom, tells Fab about the scare her mom gave her… but she did not insist in asking questions… since she also leaves mysteriously at night, she could not question you anything… Flo tells Fab she and Claudio are ‘friends with rights’…  it is best way to try to fall for him without official commitment. Fab is not in agreement… Jose left you crazy… At hotel room Antonio is rude and nasty with the girl… sends her to get a picture from his suitcase (a picture of Cameela!)  I want you to makeover yourself to look like her, to dress like her and to wear high heels!  When she asks who it is, he jumps from bed, splashing his drink all over (what’s new?) and roars at her ‘ YOU do as I say, that is why I pay you!!’  as the girl goes to the bathroom, he serves himself another glass.. ‘I want Cameela in my bed tonight! (THIS MAN IS OFFICIALLY INSANE!)  Back to hotel lobby… Armani and Rennie still planning… seems Armani has signed up for it, but he is unsure how his mom will react, she does have her temper… Rennie says leave that to me… He will take care of everything… Armani appologizes and asks ‘you are not deceiving my mom, are you?’  .. Rennie asks Armani ‘you really think I will betray your mom? I can’t believe you can think that of me’… Armani claims they don’t know much about him… Rennie puts the pressure on ‘what exactly are you afraid of?’ (best defense is offense, right?) look, Armani, I adore Elviral, but if you all are goung to question my integrity, I won’t beg Elviral. IF she really loves me, she knows where to find me!’ Armani gets concerned and Rennie gives him a card with the address of ‘his new apt in NY’  he is going there tomorrow.. she will know where to find me… Armani appologizes for questioning him.. it is not my mom who doubts… she does believe him… Armani ends up agreeing to have the wedding in two days.. Pedro’s cell rings… it is Armani… calling for Cameela…  Cameela is sleeping… Armani asks pedro a favor, to tell Cameela she can rest easy, Rennie is not deceiving her, already confirmed it. (Pedro gets doubtful stare).. Pedro questions Armani, are you sure? Armani tells Pedro the plans of Rennie’s… Pedro gets even more suspicious as he hears the story… he tells Armani it sounds suspicious. Armani says it is strange indeed, but Rennie does not want a big event wedding, sort of like me, who hate social events… Pedro asks Armani to stall Rennie at least one more day to let them get back in town. Armani says will try, but will be close so can keep watching  Rennie. Pedro asks him to be careful, Rennie is a smart ass…  Teniente confirms to Tia that the case will be reopened…  As Teniente is leaving, Gabriel tells Teniente something, not sure if related to the case of Sra Mariana… someone cut off the cables of La Viejita, it seems they meant to cut the brake lines… Tia asks Teniente if this could have to do with Mariana’s case. Teniente cannot tell… but something is really strange happening here.Sarita gets scared that if they are trying to kill Pedro, could they be trying again? Teniente warns them accusing someone of murder attempt is very serious. Gabriel says that is what he thinks… he is not formally accusing.. Teniente says does not sould as murder attempt if they cut so many cables… asks them if something is out of the ordinary, someone around, Tia tells him yes, there is someone outside the family staying here, Lookrazy Negrete. Teniente asks if she would be capable of killing Pedro. Rennie calls Rita…  he tells her Armando fell hook line and sinker… Rita tells him they need money, as simple as the wedding he plans, they need lots of money…  Rennie says money is enough… Rita sends him to ask Tracy for more money… Rennie goes right to Tracy, will let her go… as if nothing ever happened… but in exchange she has to give him all her money…  At the house of masks… Bridgete asks Doris how is the plan with Pigorio. Doris tells her it won’t go past this week. Bridgete warns Doris Pigorio is going through a tough moment, he feels trapped by his son Antonio and could be capable of anything. Doris says son of a tiger is also dangerous (sale pintito, I guess she means comes with his own spots), Antonio is also capable of anything. In his hotel room, Antonio remembers when he met Cameela…  then when Cameela appologized for doubting him…  thinks ‘you will be mine, ‘chula’’… the girl comes out of bathroom in red/black nightie… he daydreams it is Cameela… they get into hanky panky and suddenly she pulls up slowly as if she were a vampire giving her victim one last glare before going for the kill… and that’s where it freezes, folks! Hold the thought until tomorrow…  Previews: Antonio’s trap works… and Lookrazy’s not so much.. she ends up arrested, calls Antonio to let him know. Apparently they found the pliers in her room … stupid amateur forgot to get rid of the weapon… jaja…