LQNPA, 3/9/12: Those Troubling, Dirty Little Secrets!

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Cap. 53

As Viewerville plops into position in front of their screens in living rooms throughout the vast expanse that lies north of the border, Tía Rosaura pretends to have been taken captive in an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel while Ana Paula and little Margarito find themselves once again facing The Ogre of San Gabriel. (Ruh-Roh-h-h!)  Yes, once again Rogelio has the love of his life in front of him and his face shows a mixture of personal triumph, relief, and even love.  
At Gustavo’s house, meanwhile, Ernesto and Mercedes have just returned to find her Babycakes bro pacing the living room.  Miss Mercy wants to know what Ana told Gus when he confronted her.  He says she married somebody else, but not the guy Big Sis saw her with at the graduation the night he disappeared; and no, she didn’t tell him who she did marry because they started arguing and broke up.  Mersnottys says just as well that he sees the light [desengañarse=disillusion oneself].  Gus says she acted as if he didn’t trust her, but he believes it’s just the reverse and that’s why she wouldn’t give him the truth.  He doesn’t care to discuss it any more.  “—Well, no use talking about her now…..”  He heads out the door, totally depressed and ignores her calling him back.  With him gone, she gets to gripe about Ana to Ernie now.  (Watch out girl, or you’re going to turn into Gloria!)  “—She did it to him again!  You don’t know how much I hate that Ana!”  Ernie nicely tells her to give her brother some space and fageddabowdit.  Okiedokie.  Mersnottys now uses his shoulder for moral support.  Oh how wonderful she has him now.   They kiss and Ernie promises to be there for her from now on.   
At the church, Ro-Hell rolls up the aisle towards Paula with his heart in his throat (though she’s too angry at the loss of her freedom and Ol’ Guscakes to appreciate it).  Oh-Hell tells her that he thought he’d never see her again and that he looked under every rock to find her.  “—You know that no one makes a fool out of me.”  She gently but firmly tells him that it’s just such a waste since she’s never going back with him to the hacienda.  Not now not never!  Pau begs him to let her aunt and Margarito go at least.  He says no they’re all to leave together.  “—No way.  Let’s all do this agreeably, alright?  Or, what?  Would you rather we cause a scandal here right in the middle of [en plena] God’s house?”  Rog has got Ms. Holier Than Thou with that one.  She gives in. 
Meanwhile, Guscakes has gone to commiserate with Estephan who still hasn’t gotten over being dumped the second time by the ever egocentric Vanesa.  Gus tells Stevie that he’s sure Ana still loves him.  He could tell it by the look in her eyes.  Well, says Stevie, then perhaps it’s just like his Big Sis says, that Ana is putting her family first [anteponer=giving preference to, put before].  “--Well, it’s all over now, so I’m going to work like a fiend at my job in order to forget her.”  (Yeah, sure.  Who you kiddin’, shortcakes?)  He asks Steve about Nessa.   She’s gone into business with David.  They agree that she needs to be careful of Big Dave, considering he always plays dirty.  Yeah, he’s warned her, says Stevie, but Vainessa refuses to listen to him—like usual.  (OMG!  What a pair of sorrowful Sad Sacks.  Where’s the hooch?  Pour ‘em a couple o’ beers to cry in and put it on my tab.) 
Outside of the church, La Mentirosa tries a quick CYA and apologizes, saying they must have followed her here without her realizing.  Rog smirks and tells Rosie she’s worse than even he imagined.  She stutters and flutters around.  “—I’m worried about my niece’s well-being!”  (Uh.  Yeah.)  Rosie valiantly keeps up the ruse and begs to have a chance to speak to AP alone.   Rog—wisely--refuses.  “—Why?  What?  Will you tell her the truth right here in front of everybody?”   Paula asks what he’s talking about.  (Natch.)  He skirts the issue and says that if Rosie was really interested in Pau’s well-being she’d have already convinced her to return willingly.  Rosie says she did try, but failed.  Rog isn’t buying it and waves her off.  He’s had enough of her!
Paula tells Ro-Hell she’s not going back and wants to cancel the contract.  (Oh really?)  Sorry, he says.  “--No way.  I’ve come through with my part now you’re going to have to do the same.”  (Sounds fair.)  “—Please!  I don’t want to.  I can’t.”  “—What do you mean ‘you can’t’?”  She stares blankly back at him.  He asks if it’s because she still believes he killed her boyfriend.  “—No!  I know you didn’t kill him.”  This hits Ro-Hell in the face like a bucket of cold water.  “—So what was it?”    He gets it finally.  “—You saw him?”  He rolls over and suddenly grabs her by the arms and won’t let go.  “—Answer me!” She struggles against him, but won’t say a word.  “--You were with him!”  She finally lets her eyes meet his and the look on her face says it all: guilty as charged.  Controlled anger flashes across his face.  A look of defiance flashes back at him from her.
Across town at Vainessa’s, she and Cinthia are discussing the pros and cons of helping Paula obtain her divorce so Rog can finally be free.  Whatever Nessa does, offers Sinthia, she knows Paula and the woman will play the victim card.  Nessa will come off looking like the villain here.  Nessa says she’s still so in love with Rog though, and the desire to be held safe in his arms was so intense that she even let him humiliate her again—and for what?  For nothing!  Sin says leave it up to her.  They’ll call Bro-Hell and give him their version of things.  She’ll convince him also to let her stay a few more days there with her to keep her company.
Paula tries to deny the charge, but Ro-Hell can’t be bluffed in this.  “—How could you have known if you didn’t see him?”  Rosie runs over and carelessly tells him that she already told him that Paula spent all the time with her long-lost father.  Pau wants to know how she could have told Rog anything.  Rosie lies that it was when she went for a candle and he and the others were waiting out in the vestibule.  She was sooooo scared that she had to tell them the troooooooth--that Pau (wink, wink) spent the whole time with her daddy!  Rog breaks in and tells Rosie to butt out!  Rosie scolds him.  “--Why?  What?  Would you rather the gossip raced through the whole of Tuxtla about her and Vainessa being sisters?”  Paula grabs that and yells back at Rog that that’s the only reason he wanted her: because she and Nessa looked so much alike!  Before Oh-Hell can give a sane reply he’s got to take an urgent phone call from Sin.
Sin starts to tell Rog that she’s just learned Paula and Nessa are sisters.  Yesterday’s news, Rog says.  Paula’s with him now, and they’re getting ready to head back to Hell-Fuerte so pack her bags!  He’ll be by to pick her up for the trip back.  Sin is mouthing all this for Vainessa’s sake.  Sin puts her foot down and says she’s not leaving her friend in her time of need.  Rog just shakes his head in disbelief.  Like, what’s with all the uppity women in his life all of a sudden!!  (Tsk.  Tsk.  His daddy certainly wouldn’t have let things get this out of hand!)  He growls back that Sin better be packed and ready at the hotel in 30 minutes or else.  Period. End of discussion. Click!  He throws the phone back at Hugo and turns his attention back to Paula. 
Across town, Nessa goes ape-sh!t at the thought of Paula and Rog under the same roof again. “—I can’t believe it!  It’s not ri-i-i-i-ight!!!”  (Oy vey!  Nobody does an aggravating whine better than Nessa does.)  Sin gripes that Bro-Hell insists she must pack her bags and that she’s leaving with them.  “—What’s his problem?  Does he really expect me to pay homage to  [rendirse pleitesía] his little woman now? “  

Steam starts curling from Ro-Hellio’s ears.  “--So, Federico must have told you he’d help you, right?  That’s why you’re so rebellious now.”   “—Yes!  He had lawyers ready because he knew what kind of man you are!!”  Before Rog can shoot back another zinger Hugo comes rushing back with the phone again.  This time it’s Maria from Hell-Fuerte with the news about Michael trying to off himself.  Yeah, he was taken care of and, thankfully, Daniel was there and she knew what to do till the doctor arrived.  He needs his family, now, she says.  Did he find Paula yet?  Yes, says Oh-Hell.  He’ll give Pau the news.  Click.  “—What about my brother?  Did he go back there?”  Yeah, says Rog, a few days ago.  That was Maria to say that he tried to kill himself.  Panic sets in with Pau.  Is he ok?  Rog assures her that he’s out of danger now.  “--Clearly he needs his family with him.  So what will it be?  Are you coming back with me or are you going to abandon your brother to his fate?” 
Maria gives the news to Mikey and Dani that yes, Ro-Hell knows the situation, has found his sister, and she knows what happened also. “—Well, he did what he said.  He found my sister.”   Mikey and Squeaky both look scared to death over what Ro-Hell might do to her now that he has her. 
Pau agrees to go back because of Mikey.  Mgrito rushes over and begs to be taken back with her.  Pau pleads to take him back with her.  Rog mulls it over supposedly and in the meantime orders Efrain to fetch his sister and wait for them back at the hotel.  He has Hugo get the helicopter for him, Rosi and Pau are to fly back while the others drive back.
Rosi, meanwhile, whispers to Bruno that it’s going to be difficult to control Paula if Gus is still in the picture.  Bruno says not to worry; he’s got somebody in Tuxtla ready to make him disappear.  That somebody is Rotilio, who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper cell if his life depended on it.  He’s apparently been following Gus, but just before Rotilio tries taking Gus down, Mercedes and Erny appear.   They invite him to a new pub they just found.
Ro-Hell looks over at Rosi chumming it up with Bruno and tells her to listen up.  If she doesn’t want him to expose her real self in front of her niece then she’d better tell him the truth!  He wants the name of Pau’s boyfriend and fast!!  Rosie’s too slick for him, though.  “—You’re the one who ordered him killed!  You tell me!”  (When oh when will he learn? I thought he played chess.  The idea is always to be a couple of strategic moves ahead of your opponent, big guy.) He grabs Mentirosa by the arms and starts shaking her.  “—Tell me her boyfriend’s name!  What’s her boyfriend’s name???”  Paula and Bruno run over and enter the fray.  Rosie gives in.  “—Gustavo!  Gustavo!  His name is Gustavo!”   Pau screams back at him.  “—As if you didn’t know!!  You shameless creep!  What are you planning to do?  Try it again?”  “—But it wasn’t me!  I didn’t do anything, Paula!!   I’d really love to, though, especially if you provoke me!”  She backs off and begs him to leave Gus alone while   unconsciously tugging at the shell necklace.  Rog suddenly recognizes it.  “—You started wearing it again.”  “—I did!!  It’s because I love him and I will continue to love him till the day I die!”   He grabs at it and pulls it off her neck with a harsh, angry jerk. “—Give me that trash!”  She  and Rosie seem really frightened for once. 
Chio is back to try her luck again with Esteban.  She invites him out to dinner.  He says he feels he’d be rotten company.  She takes him by the shoulders, tells him he’ll always be great company for her, and does her best to plant a sensual kiss on the smacker.  (Sorry, Chio is just not my idea of a Vainessa stand-in.  Apparently she’s not Esteban’s either.)  Stevie looks anything but turned on.  Yeah, he goes with the flow, like any self-respecting male would, but is there any doubt she’s in for a sh!t load of hurt once they’ve done the deed? 
In some other part of the city, Bruno and Rosie are now headed down a rain soaked street together.  He’s on the phone to Rutilio, aka Thug Guy, telling him not to risk it with Gus if he’s with somebody.  (Duh!) If he gets caught by the police he’s on his own!  “--Just keep following him.”  Rosie suggests to Bruno afterwards that perhaps AP’s uber-naive belief that Rog is still behind Gus’s disappearance might be useful to them.  They need to discuss it.  First, says Bruno, he wants to know the particulars about the relationship between Pau and Nessa!!  
Back in Sin’s hotel room, Pau waits patiently by and watches as Rog and Sin argue about Sin’s leaving for the hacienda with him.  “—For gawd sakes, man!  You’ve got your wife back with you so why can’t you just leave me out of it?” She does a quick turn around the room and starts in on Paula next.  “—So, are you happy with all the fuss you’ve caused?  Hmmph!  Don Federico died all because of you!”  Pau yells back she had nothing to do with it.  Sinthia is feeling righteous, though.  She steamrolls right over Paula. “--You’re the disgrace of this family!  Can’t you just leave and let your sister have the man she loves?”  (Wait a minute, you sh!t for brains b!tch!! I thought that was what she just tried to do!)  Paula asks what else she could have done.    
Rog looks like he wishes the crack in the floor would swallow him whole.  Sin blames Pau’s ambition and greed on the fact that neither her brother nor Pau’s sister is happy now.  Rog has finally heard enough from Sin.  “--Enough already!”  Not quite.  Sin comes back to shoot another round of bird shot at her SILINO (sister-in-law in name only).  “—And, now I understand what he saw in you!  He saw your resemblance to Vanessa!  Since the proud bastard couldn’t forgive her, he’s making do with you!”  Ohhhh man!  The tears in Pau’s eyes must mean that Sin has hit a nerve!  The look on Rog’s face definitely makes it seem he agrees and that his kid sis has figured it out.  
Back in San Gabriel, Ulises surprises Macaria with the news that he’s taking the prize money and they’re all going on a trip together.  (Yawn.)  FF>>
In the hotel room again, Paula spits back at Rog that his sister is correct.   His problem is that she looked so much like her sister he’s been fixated on her!  Rog races over to her side to try to make her see that it’s nothing like that at all!  She won’t listen, though.  She chides him, and urges him to seek out her sister instead then, and give her back her freedom!  She will never be like Vainessa!  No way, he tells her and then yells over at Sin to apologize to Paula for the crappy stuff she just laid on her.  Sin refuses to.  She gets down on her knees and begs him to understand that this woman doesn’t love him and that Vainessa does.   Bro-Hell cuts her off in mid-sentence.  “—If that woman really loved me then she wouldn’t have left me when I was paralyzed!!”  Sin keeps pleading Vainie’s case for her.  “--She’s soooo distraught and totally undone by all that has happened--and then on top of it all you got married to her!  Can’t you see what you’re doing to her?”  Tears flow down Paula‘s cheeks now as she watches the two siblings cling to each other.  It’s a strange, shared intimacy of understanding that only their past suffering through a mutual tragedy could provide.   
Paula asks Ro-Hell for the chance to make Vainessa see how things really happened and why.  Sin says nothin’ doin’.  Nessa want’s nothing more to do with Paula and she better make sure she never goes near her again!   Sin looks back at her brother and says that Nessa is really in a bad way. If he really decides Sin can’t return to the hacienda even though she is part owner, then that’s his problem [allá tú]; but she’s not about to leave her friend when she really needs her.  Rog looks like such a milquetoast at this point. 
That night Sin returns to Vainessa’s home.  She won the battle.  Nessa says well, see!  If you confront him and get in his face he backs off and things go better for you.  Sin nods   and says that he’s gone back with his wife to the hacienda.    She of the cat’s meow makes a sour-puss.
The first thing Paula does once they’re back at Hell-Fuerte is to race in to see her brother.  She cries and hugs him. She tells him not to blame himself.  He does though, and says it’s entirely his fault she’s back at the hacienda again.  She tells him all that matters is that he gets well.  He asks how Rogelio found her.  She tells him not to worry about that and just to get well.  They’ll manage together just like they’ve always done before.  Squeaky watches tearfully from the other side of the room.
In the kitchen, Maria pours Rog some coffee.  She says now that he’s got what he wants and Paula’s back, he shouldn’t take it out on Paula because she ran off.  He stirs his coffee and mentions that Paula saw the guy.  “—Then he’s not—“  No!  He is alive and though she wouldn’t admit, he knows that she saw him.  Maria warns him against letting jealousy get the better of him.  He loses it and says of course he’s jealous!  He’s dying of jealousy and full of rage!! How could he not be, knowing that his wife has been seen with another man—and specifically that man!  But how can he be sure, she wonders.  “--Good gawd, my instinct doesn’t fail in things like that, Nana!  I know they saw each other.  My wife is a different woman!  I can tell it in her manner.  I can see it in her eyes, in the way she moves, the way she walks and talks, in everything!  Even her scent, for gawd sakes!”  Dani accidentally overhears and watches all of this from the doorway.   So she scurries back the way she came, undoubtedly expecting the worst for her BFF now.   
The next morning Paula wakes up, gives her brother a kiss good-morning, and then opens the windows.  What a shocker!! She glances angrily over at her brother.  “—Since when did they put bars on the windows?”  He gives her a dejected look like as if she couldn’t she guess and then turns away.   
At the same time, back in Tuxtla, Nessa convinces Sin that she’ll never be free of her brother and will be dependent on him her entire life if the two of them don’t do something soon about it.  They start planning to join forces for revenge’s sake and for Sin to find a way to get back what’s rightly hers.
The Cupcake, now dressed in authoritative pink--storms into the kitchen, her frosting all tipping over and out of shape.  She demands to know why there are bars on the bedroom windows.  (Buy a letter and get a clue, dammit!  You’re brother was suicidal, if nothing else.)  “—This is the last straw!  You’re really just too much, you know!”  Oh-Hell looks up from the table and his coffee.  “—Now what have I done?”  “--Why did you put up bars?  How could you lock up my brother as if he were an animal?  That’s the reason he tried to kill himself!!  I hate you!  I’ll hate you forever!”  She crinkles her nose up at him and sniffs.  He grabs her arm and she struggles against him, but it’s useless.  “—Well too bad for you because that’s only going to make your stay here worse! “ 
“--Exactly, it’s going to be hell being here and as soon as I can I’m leaving again!”  He grabs the back of her head and forces her face down to his level.  “—Being shut up here in this hacienda you will learn to love me.”  “No.  That’ll never happen!”  He doesn’t move his eyes from hers and he keeps hold of her arm.  “--I realize that you feel something for me.  You left because you thought I was a murderer and you see that I’m not.  Your boyfriend is alive, right?“   Paula sneers back.  That doesn’t mean he didn’t have him beaten up!  Oh-Hell gets rattled.  He finally loses it again.  “—Stop doubting me already?  Can’t you understand?  I only tried to help you out because I loved you!  I am innocent!!”   “—You have a great way of showing your love: locking away my brother, bringing me back here by force!  Do you really believe you’re going to get me to love you that way?”  “—You don’t really know me—“.  “—and I don’t want to, either!!”  Rog insists that Pau will eventually understand him and who he really is.  She says she already knows and as soon as the damned contract is over she’s gettin’ so fast it’ll make his head spin!  She’s leaving and she ain’t comin’ back never, no way, nuh-uh, nunca! 
Rog looks her in the eyes; the love and hurt in his face are compelling—but she seems totally blind to it.  (Heck!  It fairly jumps through the screen, and all of Viewerville joins in a communal swoon.  Damn!!  Paula may not feel your pain, honey buns, but I sure do!  Rogeliana’s everywhere are on a rant!)    “—The day will come that you will be here by my side of your own accord, Paula.” 
At the breakfast table again, Nessa says she’s calling Big Dave to see what the three of them can do together against you-know-who.  Elsa La Vaca, looking and acting like those in Command Central have recently vacated her brain, greets Sin.  Elsie starts gibbering about bad dreams and not giving Nessa’s Daddy his medicine.  She wanders off and they chalk it up to depression, and losing him after their living together for so many years. 
Back at Hell-Fuerte, Paula asks if Ro-Hell is planning to lock her up like he did with her brother.  He says yep, if it’s necessary.   Maria walks in on the two of them.  Pau makes a crack to Maria about him.  “—I don’t know why I ever trusted this man to help me save my brother.”  Maria defends him and says he’s a good man.  Pau tells her not to waste her breath defending him.  After all, he locked up Mikey and he, in his desperation, tried to kill himself.  That is something she’ll never forgive!  After Paula struts out of the room, Maria asks why he didn’t bother to clarify that the bobo had to be locked up to keep him from drinking himself to death.  Oh-Hell answers that it simply wasn’t the right time to bother with explanations.  Paula is too angry to have listened anyway.  At least for now she’s back at the hacienda and will end up doing what he tells her to.  Maria agrees that he was right  that Paula isn’t the same person she was before.  He looks back at her, totally exhausted by the whole affair. “—I told you.  She saw her boyfriend.” 
In Mikey’s bedroom, Dani listens to AP complain that she’s married to the man her half-sister loves (¡Qué horror!) and so now they’re enemies.  Her daddy died hoping his two daughters would make nice, but they won’t --and it’s all Rogelio Montero’s fault!!  They agree that they should not tell Mikey yet that he and she didn’t have the same daddy.   Oops!  Mikey’s in the hallway walking towards them and has heard it all!  “—What?”  Cara de impactado de Miguel.
At Casa de los Durán, Miss Mercy asks Sugarcakes if he’s done with the proposal he’s been working on for Sr. Montero.  Yup.  Almost there.  He’s hoping to bury himself in his work and forget about his broken heart. The phone rings and it’s Sinthia hoping to come by for a chat.  She hands the phone over to Gus, who on the rebound is ready for any pleasant distraction of the female persuasion, is suddenly smiling.  “—Hey, Sinthia!  What’s up, girl?”  Sin can’t believe the terrific change in his attitude. 
Paula takes a couple of minutes to quickly explain to BoBo that their mother was separated from his daddy when she met and fell in love with her daddy.   She learned about it and spent time getting to know him while she was in Boca del Cielo.  She was sure that he was going to help her get her divorce, but he can’t now because he died recently.  “--Daddy was Federico Galván”.   Mikey is like totally OMG impactado.
At the same time, Rog is in his office doing paperwork when he gets a phone call about the proposal Gus just sent.  Gus is hoping to communicate long-distance about his suggestions and simply e-mail him when he needs to, but Rog says he doesn’t trust electronic communication.  He’d rather see him in person to talk over things like they’d agreed.  Gus says well, fine.  He’ll be travelling between Tuxtla and there to finish up something for the Water Commission.  They agree to have him contact Rog the next time he is in the district.  Gus tells himself afterwards that by losing himself in the wilds of Hell-Fuerte it will be much easier forgetting about Ana.  (Sorry, Bucko.  There’s an anvil there waiting to fall and it’s got your name all over it!) 
Pau and BoBo agree they still love each other and that nothing’s changed.  FF>>
Macaria has dropped by the kitchen with supplies or something and tries getting some juicy gossip out of Consuelo about why she broke off her engagement to Effer.  All Conned will admit to is catching him with another girl.  Maria walks in on them at this point and Macaria gets the hint to make like a tree and leave.  Once La Bocota Esa is gone, Maria warns Connie that the term “gossip-hound” was created especially for the likes of Macaria.  However, she can tell her madrina who it was.   It was Sinthia, right? 
Speaking of the Queen of Roma, Effer has her in his sites and is asking her if she’s decided yet.  The two of them are made for each other.  Nope.  He’s got his sights set way too high.  Big Dave and Nessa walk in on them; she pulls rank and tells him to hop to it about something.  He leaves.  Vainessa tells her she’s made Big Dave current with all that’s happened and leaves.  He tells her he’s happy she is confronting her brother and that she trusts Dave to help get her portion of the inheritance.  They will do whatever is necessary.  She won’t regret it at all.  No, she won’t and she’s willing to do whatever to look after her own interests now.
Back in the kitchen, Connie lies that she doesn’t even know the woman Effer was with.  She’d rather not discuss it any further, either, because it’s just too painful.  Maria gives her a hug and tells her to cry her eyes out. It’ll make her feel better.  Connie does.
Meanwhile, Rog is having a Big Bro chat with Mikey about how sick it was to try what he did.  Mike says not to worry about it.  It won’t happen again.  Fine, says, Rog, but Mike’s got to see that these things hurt Paula.  They may have different daddies, yes, but they’re still siblings and still love each other.  Now, Rog says he hopes Mikey won’t take it the wrong way, but because of what happened he’ll now have to have somebody watching him night and day.  No he won’t, says Mikey.  He’s got to stick around now to help his sister.  “She’s very sad here.” 
In the meantime, Hugo finds Margarito and brings him inside to speak to Ro-Hellio.  Mgrito is certain he’ll be scolded and beaten.  Hugo talks him into it by telling him they’ll both be in trouble if he doesn’t go along willingly.
Macario runs into Mikey on his way through the back yard.  He asks her to do a favor for him.
Inside, Margarito tells Rog that if he’s angry and wants him to leave the hacienda because he ran away with Paula, then fine.  He’ll leave because he refuses to let him beat him.  Rog says no, he isn’t upset.  In fact he’s got something for him and hands him a whole jar of candy. (That’s it.  Ply the kid with candy, Rog.)  “--Actually, I’m glad you’re back.  You may not believe it but I missed your foolishness.”  Mgrito grins at the candy.  “—Really?”  “—Yep.”  They both start sucking gumballs.  Rog asks him if he knows he wanted to adopt him.  Well, yeah, says Margarito, but considering he ran away he figured things were different now.  No, Rog says, he still wants to.  “--Don’t you worry about it now.  Why don’t you tell me what happened with you and Paula while you were in Boca de Cielo.”  Margarito takes a seat and puffs up.  “—I took care of her, you know?  She was really scared.”  Rog raises his eyebrows but manages to keep a straight face.  (Finally the kid shows us he can do something besides screech lines!) 
Outside, Paula asks Mikey what Rog wanted him for.  He explains it was only to make sure he wouldn’t doing anything stupid again and he assures his sis that he won’t.  He asks her about the time she spent with Guscakes.   Pau says it was wonderful being there because she was able to forget everything.  No, Gus doesn’t know she’s a prisoner here, and she couldn’t tell him about much.  She was afraid Rog would try to have him killed again.  She thought it would be better to wait until she was already divorced and then tell him; but, now that she’s got to wait out the contract she’s sure by the time she finds Ol’ Sugarcakes he’ll have forgotten her and found somebody else. 
That night, Bruno and Rosie are kvetching over what a shame it is that Paula didn’t manage to get Federico’s name or to get his money.   Yeah, says Rosie, all that effort for nothing!  Well, says Bruno with a self-satisfied grin, he realizes they’re both alike.  They both will take advantage of whatever comes their way.   And Bruno, he’s not going to let the chance to get back his hacienda pass through his fingers.  Rosie wants to know if legally AP can fight for her portion of Feddy’s funds.  Nope, admits Bruno.  Elsa and Vainessa seem way too clever.  Well, says Rosie, they’ve got to be prepared for whatever they can in order to a better outcome…er…income somehow.  What will they do about Gus?  Bruno says they’ll soon see whether it’ll be better for them to kill him or not.  Just then Rog comes rolling by and sees the two of them huddled together.  They look a bit sheepish being seen like this, but oh well. 
“—Let me talk with Rosaura!”  Bruno excuses himself and leaves.  Rosie does her best Cheshire cat impression.  “—Whatever you say, Sr. Montero.”  “—I’ve just spoken to Margarito and he’s told me the whole truth.  So now I want to hear it all from you.”  Rosie is skip-a-heartbeat-or three impactada and she sucks in a deep breath.     
Back in San Miguel now, Macaria sits down with Maripaz and tells her Mikey’s doing better; he’s seemingly sorry for trying what he did.  She hands Maripaz a letter he wrote to her and leaves so she can read it.
   “Thanks for worrying about me, but it’s better that I’m alone.  I have so many problems to resolve to be with anybody right now.  You deserve better.  Maybe things will be different in the future but for now, no.”
She cries at the Dear Juana letter.
At Hell-Fuerte, Rosie insists Paula spent all her time with father.  Yeah, but she saw her boyfriend, says Rog.  Oh well, Rosie wasn’t with her the entire time, she says.  Pau even got away from her a couple of times.  Perhaps that was when she saw that guy.  Rog warns her that he’s wise to her skill for lying; and if he catches her in one it’ll be her neck!!  Daddy Fed and AP were together at the beach.  She tells him to go ask Vainessa if he doesn’t believe her!  Oh, he plans on it for sure.  Rosie manages to skillfully turn the 20 questions  back on Rog.  “—Why did you bring my niece back here?  To fulfill the contract or because you love her?”  Rog realizes he is going to have to measure his words before he answers.