LQNPA-Cap56 3/14/12

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Lo Refrito
(without benefit of OPENING credits. There is a reason we don't call them "in the middle of the episode credits grumble grumble)
David reminds Rohell that he is no black-clad saint. The wheeled one had his fair share in the Miguel funny business. He said some other stuff too, but being the dumb asp that I am I rarely understand a word that comes out of Jorge Aravena's mouth (and it doesn't help that my comprehension skills get steadily worse the later it gets.)

Lo Nuevo
(which really isn't so nuevo. It's still more of the same underhanded, lying, dirty-dealing, out-for-myself kind of crap that has been going on for way too long)

Hacienda Happenings
Dany visits Miguel in the workshop. She asks how he's doing. He says he doing fine...hasn't had a drink. Dany thinks that's dandy and if he feels like taking a drink he needs to remember what he promised Ana Paula, 'cause you know, getting over alcoholism is as simple as keeping promises. They blah blah about what went wrong with them. He rejected her. He hurt her. He went out with Maripaz. So yeah. All his fault. He asks if she can forgive him. She blahbitty blahs and says maybe, if he works his but off to make himself worthy of it.

David gets cocky with Rohell and asks how things are going with the little wife. Rohell wonders if David is threatening him and David says he doesn't threaten...he DOES! Rohell doesn't want David to do anything stupid. David says Rohell wasn't a very good friend when he didn't support him in the role of Cinthia's boyfriend. Rohell is all "Dude! She dumped you." David thinks Rohell should have pushed more for the relationship. Rohell says it's Cinthia's choice. Funny, he doesn't act like it really is her choice. Must be "her choice" when it is convenient for him. Jackass. David leaves. Rohell instructs Hugo to follow the bastard and make sure he doesn't talk to Cupcake.

As David leaves, he sees Miguel and comments on his freedom. Miguel reminds David that, no, he did not steal that truck. David gives him a veiled "we'll see" threat. Dany asks what that was all about and Miguel says he doesn't know (wha? Wow. He is about as smart as a box o' blocks.) Dany says that all that matters is what Miguel does from now on. Her Suzy Sunshine bit makes me want to puke.

Marcaria et all walk arm in arm and run into Effer. They are all going to hang out together. FF>>

Hugo reports that David left, Miguel is working on posts and Cupcake is in her room. Maria bursts in and reports the police are there.

Bruno is telling Ana they have to find a way to get her out of that contract. Cupcake asks Bruno if it's possible which sends Tia into a fit. Cupcake asks Tia to support her because Rohell says that Tia is capable of selling her out. Tia sputters. Whatever, you TACKY b*tch. Connie runs in (and tack b*tch of an aunt fusses at her for not knocking.) She tells Cupcake about the arrival of the police and that they want Miguel. Ana Pau asks Bruno "wasn't he out on bail?" Bruno says yeah, he'll try and figure out what's going on. Don't say anything in front of the police. Connie says it has something to do with a truck where he used to work. Bruno surmises David must have filed a complaint and Cupcake figures out that yes, Miguel can still end up in jail. Skeletor has weird eyes.

Rohell deals with the police.  The police rehash.

The Tuxtla Triad of Terror
Vainy and Cin eagerly await news from David. They are dying to know how Rohell reacted to the land being sold. They would love to see the look on his face. David calls and happy happy joy Rohell was furious. He will wait a bit to drop the "we're business partners" bomb. Oh, and the police are on their way to arrest Miguel. David will make sure the guy rots in jail. Vainy will meet up with in San Gabriel. I hate these people.

Rohell tells the police about his argument with his wife and her departure. He explains that Miguel left around that time as well...on his on. Cupcake come in and is about to meter la pata, but Rohell grabs her hand and as politely as possible shuts her up. She is one hot-headed Cupcake...hmmm, like one Rohell Montero. Bruno acts like a lawyer and Rohell explains the cops are just doing their job. Cupcake starts defending her brother and again Rohell gently shuts her up and says he's already explained that Miguel left. Tia throws in a line, too. Meanwhile Hugo gets Miguel and takes him to an undisclosed hidey hole on the hacienda. Rohell stalls a little bit more with refreshments. Bruno acts like a SMARMY lawyer.The cops go to search the hacienda. Ana Pau doesn't understand why there was all the theatrics about not knowing where Miguel is if the police are just going to find him and take him. Rohell says "you still don't trust me?"

Dany runs into Connie in the hall and gets filled in. Everyone is supposed to say Miguel has been gone about a month.

Undisclosed Hidey Hole
Miguel wants a drink. Hugo hands him a bottled water.

Tuxtla Tarts
Vainy is headed for San Gabriel to mess with Rohell. Cin wants to go, but Vainy tells her to stay in Tuxtla. She runs the risk of Rohell locking her up. It's better for Cin to stay in Tuxtla and deliver blueprints and hard-drives to Gustavo. Oh, and watch mama Elsa. She's nervous.

Ernesto and Maricela. She's having trouble at school. She hates Mersnotty. She's wants to live with the grandparents. FF>>

The police did not find Miguel. Rohell hopes they find him since his wife is so worried about him. The fuzz (ha! One of them is bald) leaves their card. Rohell will of course will offer any help he can. They leave and Cupcake is relieved. She thanks Rohell and apologizes for doubting him. Bruno fusses at Rohell and informs Ana that Rohell could go to jail if the police find out what he did.

On his way to Marcaria's restaurant David finds out from his lawyer that the police went to the hacienda, but no Miguel was to be found. David insists the dude was there. David waits for Bruno and is informed that the Skeletal Slimeball will be late.

Ana is upset that Rohell may go to jail. Rohell gives some orders and is about to leave. Ana offers to take him, but Rohell tells her to stay with her aunt...who is surely just as worried about Miguel as she could be. You can tell the Cupcake might be softening up a bit.

In Tuxtla, Gustavo has come to pick up the stuff. Apparently the project is not in Tuxtla. While he's there the maid informs Cin that Elsa will be eating lunch out. Rather than have Cin eat alone, Gus invites her to eat with him. She accepts.

At the hacienda, Rohell conjectures that it was David who sent the police. It's just too much of a coincidence that it happened the same day he came to see Rohell. Bruno says he also suspects David. Riiight, Skeletor. Keep talking. You'll get yours, you tie-dyed bastard. Rohell admits he did ask David to press charges, but later asked him not to. Rohell says they have to be careful with David. Yo, Rohell! See that bastard sitting in front of you? Watch his little beady-eyed a$$, too. Crazy-haired little focker. After said focker makes his exit, Rohell says to himself that he is just as much to blame as David.

Commerical break and QTH middle credits (grumble grumble)

Mersnotty and Ernesto. Marcela blah blah break up FF>> Sorry, I refuse to detail recap boring stuff after 11 PM CST.

Tia thinks Rohell must really love Ana to keep Miguel out of jail like that. Ana thinks it's just one more way for her to "owe him." Bruno brings Miguel back and Cupcake slathers him with  sweet frosting hugs. Bruno, being the cunning bastard that he is turns the situation into a way to make Rohell look bad. "Oh how easily he conned the police. What a two-faced guy. He's so deceptive. Now you are just more committed to him (comprometerse)."

Mersnotty and Ernesto continue to break up. See note above FF>>

Tia wants Miguel to thank Rohell. The whole family is just so grateful to the guy. She nags Miguel. He says he's not a kid. She says he's acting like it. He says "look who's talking." Bruno keeps working on the Cupcake. "See how he operates? He acts like he's helping, but really he's just doing what is convenient for him." Cupcake thinks maybe this time he was really sincere. Bruno continues to mess with her head.

Tia and Miguel go to thank Rohell. Rohell wants to talk to Miguel in private. Miguel thanks him. He wantd to pay Rohell back. Rohell tells him to stop drinking and says he'll support him. Stop worrying his sister.  They have to be proactive. This latest threat came from David and he will want to make sure Miguel goes to jail.

Bruno tells Ana not to worry. He'll see if he can't work on David and get Miguel out of this mess. He'll work on his own independent of what Rohell wants to do. Ana says she'll just end up owning Rohell more. Bruno encourages her to try to get along with Rohell. Maybe the dude will let up some.

Bruno meets David in San Gabriel. David lets Bruno in on the "it was me who warned Ana in Boring del Cielo" secret. Bruno sees that David et al are hell-bent to screw Rohell over. He lets David know he is hell-bent to get his lands back. Now, let the intrigues begin. Apparently there is this ranch adjacent to the hacienda: La Negra. There is water on said ranch. Water that is needed at Hell Fuerte. Now if David were to own that little bit of land....no water, no cattle (btw: water dispute needs to be added to the bingo cards if it hasn't already. I've seen this plot device in STuD and LFDD.)

Maria wants to know why Rohell won't eat with the others. He's too ashamed to. She reminds him of all the good things he's done for Miguel: got him to stop drinking...sort of. Got him working...when he wasn't slashing his wrists. Rohell even risked going to jail. Rohell comes clean about his part in the whole Miguel business. Maria is disappointed.

Miguel rehashes the accident with Connie. You can sort of understand why the dude drinks. They talk a bit about Maripaz and Dany. Miguel won't be able to deal right with folks until he gets right with himself.

Maria fusses at Rohell about his part in the Miguel business. Rohell just so wanted Ana with him that he was a dumbass (loose translation. ) Maria says he needs to tell truth to Ana. He doesn't want to because if he does she'll never love him. Maria insists the truth is the way to win her. I sort of see her logic, but I kind of don't. Hey! Ana Pau, I'm the reason your brother was sent to jail, got the crap beat out of him in jail and continues to live under the threat of jail *puppydogeyesbutiloveyou!* Uh. No. He says he needs to win her love before he can tell the truth. Maria says surely she will realize all the good he is doing for her family. He wants Cupcake to talk about him the way she talks about the Guscake.

Tuxtla Heifers
Elsa explains to Vainy how years before she paid Tia a fortune to break up her sister and Fed. How did that work out Vaca and where's the money now? hmmmm?

At the hacienda Maria is STILL talking to Rohell. He is pretty pissed about the David thing and plans to go to Tuxtla right now to 1. Put David in his place and 2. Take care of wayward Cinthia. They blah blah about Cinthia. Same conversation as always. He doesn't want her to be a rogona (we've had this before, a woman who aks favors of men. Ana Pau used it many episodes ago while her aunt was trying to convice her to take Rohell's deal.) Rohell is worried Vainy is putting all kinds of ideas in Cin's head.

Ana talks to Gus' voter ID card. She cries. She needs him. I cry. I need her to shut up.

Maria wants to go get Cin. She might not listen to Maria, but at least there won't be yelling. Besides, Vainy probably wouldn't let Rohell past the front door. Ana enters and tells him to treat his sister like the grown woman she is. Rohell explains that Cin went running after some guy while Ana Pau was away.

Effer stares at Marcaria's boobs while she yammers. FF>>

Rohell is sure Cin has seen the guy while she is "supporting" Vainy. Cupcake wonders if the guy is so bad. Rohell doesn't have so much of a problem with the guy. He just hates that Cin is disobeying him. Ana Pau aruges that Rohell should not control Cin and every woman should be allowed to make her own decisions. I think Cin is an idiot NOT to be on Ana's side. She could have gotten her way about 15 episodes ago and saved us all a lot of trouble.

Mersnotty and Guscake. She still feels like crap because of the Ernesto garbage. FF>>

Ana Pau thinks if Rohell keeps controlling Cin, the girl will never learn to live on her own. Rohell argues that he needs to make sure the guy she dates is "good enough." They blah blah. He "tús"and "tes" and she "usteds" and  "le-s". He gets mad about it. She starts using "tú" again.

Tuxtla Twits
Guscake picks Cin up for dinner. She looks great. She gets flowers, but they aren't from Gus. It's a seriously hideous arrangement.

Hacienda Jailhouse
M-grito wants Ana to ask Rohell to get rid of the bars. Ana says no and they will see each other and read tomorrow. While M-grito is saying good-bye, Rohell comes in. He tells M-grito to come through the front door or kitchen if he wants to see Ana and to stop climbing the balcony. He really isn't being mean to the kid. He remarks that it's late in a tone of  "a kid needs his rest". It's kind of cute and M-grito is smiling the whole time. Rohell has come to tell Ana that he doesn't want her to think of him as prideful and as part of his campaign to be a better, gentler man, he's going to be supportive of Cinthia's dating GUSTAVO. Cupcake is muss my frosting impactada with the news of novio's nombre.