LQNPA, Thursday 3-8, #52: The Woman Who Couldn't Get The Alleged Love of Her Life to Believe in Her

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Sorry, all, it's another late recap in installments today. When it's complete you'll get a for realz title. On to the show:

Vanessa tells Rog he can't get back together with Ana Paula…she wants another chance.

Rosaura talks to someone about finding the notario. He tells her they'd have to exhume the body to do a DNA test. And it's going to be a long, expensive process to fight for what she thinks AP deserves. And this guy wants 30% of the inheritance if they get it. Fed was a rich guy…if he's taking the case, it better be worth it.

Rog says it's way too late for him and Vanessa. They've each gone their own way now. "Well, yeah, but we're both miserable!" Vanessa says she's really sorry for leaving him. Too little, too late, sister. Rog gently tells her they can't be happy together. And he doesn't hate her anymore, either, but there's no reason to keep discussing this. He says he's married to AP and Vanessa flips her wig and screams at him that he CAN'T be with her!

AP has put in some job applications. She's worried about Mercedes hating her and wanting her out of the house. Mercedes comes home and asks AP to let her talk to Gustavo alone. Gustavo doesn't like Mercedes' attitude. She says she doesn't like how she keeps hearing that Ana is only after money. She tells him that AP didn't even marry the guy she kissed at the graduation…she married another, richer guy…a sick one! Gus doesn't look happy.

Vanessa continues throwing her tantrum about how Rogelio CAN'T be with Ana Paula…he CAN'T be in love with her! Rogelio makes the mistake of saying he liked her at first because she reminded him of Vanessa. Jajajajaja! That really makes Vanessa ratchet up her screeching! "Don't ever compare me to her!" It brings her cow of a mother running to ask quĂ© the hell Rogelio is doing to her daughter!

Mercedes tells Gustavo to just freakin' ask Ana about it already (or maybe that was me)…or ask her aunt, who's suffering over her niece's behavior. Now, that Gustavo won't buy--he knows what Rosaura is like. Mercedes begs him to get the info before the relationship continues. Gustavo's going to ask her, but he insists that he will stick with Ana because she's so honest and pretty and she smells like fresh-baked cookies all the time and little birds dress her in the morning.

Rog sees Cynthia, David, and Bruno and tells them Vanessa's even more upset than before. When Cyn hears that he's looking for Ana Paula, she starts hassling him about that. He tells her if she ever leaves the house without his permission again, she won't be leaving with anything more than the clothes on her back. This gives David another opportunity to make a bid for husbandship. Cyn looks like she's thinking about it.

Ana Paula and Rosaura come back into the house and Gus hears Rosaura weeping and wailing about how AP can't get Fed's money because he's been cremated, so they can't do a DNA test. AP says she sold the engagement ring and they have a little bit to live on, but they're going to have do so something else. Margarito comes bounding out of the bedroom and suggests a fabulous gourmet dinner of PB&J, which excites no one but him. Gus, who only comes in 2 flavors--Bland and Furious--comes to the wrong conclusion after hearing ONLY the ever-TACKY Rosaura and makes his "Damn you, Ana Paula" face while puffing up his chest and heaving his shoulders.

Cin tells Vanessa that rather than forget AP, he's probably going to insist on getting her back just to make her suffer. Cin suggests giving her money to get rid of her so she gets out of their lives forever. Vanessa agrees and hopes she can find her at the hotel.

Rosaura won't tell Rogelio where they are. He reminds her if she doesn't play nice, he'll have Miguel sent back to jail.

Vanessa tells Cin that her mom doesn't want her to give money to AP or get back together with Rogelio. And right now, she's not even sure if she still loves him or if she hates him, but she's sure she doesn't want Ana Paula to have him! That, and she wants him to suffer for her. Cin says she needs to spend more time near him. "Set up a company office in San Gabriel!"

Dany brings Maripaz to see Miguel. Before they can go into the room, Dany takes a call from Bruno.

Consuelo lets Maripaz into the room and they both get treated to the sight of Miguel's cut wrists, bleeding all over the bed. Dany, as if she doesn't have any medical training, just stands there staring in shock.

Rogelio tells Bruno that Rosaura won't tell him where they are until she gets more money out of him, as usual.

Dany checks Miguel's pulse. It's weak, but still there. She yells at Maripaz to shut up and starts ripping sheets to make tourniquets.

Daniel pays off Juan, who lets him know that the young lady asked who sent him, but he kept quiet about it.

Maria prays for Miguel to be saved. For his own sake, for Paula's, and so they don't have to find out how Rogelio's going to react to that! Maria doesn't plan on telling him until the doctors have checked him out. Maripaz's parents are there and Consuelo begs Maria to deal with them.

Maripaz's mother admits she gave permission. Her father starts yelling at her the minute she walks into the living room. Maria comforts Maripaz and tells her parents that Miguel's not doing well and she doesn't know if he'll live through the night. That shuts Maripaz's dad up quick.

Mercedes comes home from an interrupted date with Ernesto and finds Gustavo still awake. He tells her he hasn't talked to Ana, because her aunt was feeling sick, but he did overhear a conversation about the inheritance and it seems to him like it's Rosaura who's a TACKY, money-grubbing ho. Mercedes finds it suspicious that Ana hasn't told Gustavo everything. She reminds him that he can't stand being lied to, so she knows he won't be happy with Ana. Gus ponders.

Maripaz is back at the store, begging to at least go see the doctor and find out how Miguel's doing, but her dad tells her she'd better stay put.

Rosaura and Rogelio lay their cards out on the table. Rosaura wants money, as usual. This time she wants to know she'll be taken care of beyond the year of the contract. Rogelio shows her a huge check and offers to trade it for Ana Paula, but only if he gets her TODAY!

Ana Paula comes downstairs and notices Gustavo is grumpy. He asks if it really hurt her to lose her dad, or if she's upset to lose out on his name and his money. He's confused and says she hasn't been honest with him. "Why didn't you tell me that the man my sister saw you with at the graduation isn't the one you married?" OK, now I'm confused, because I thought he was the one who kept saying he didn't want to hear her explanations?

Miguel makes it through the night and wakes to find Dany watching over him.

"First of all, at my graduation, things didn't go the way your sister thinks they did. There was a misunderstanding." "And why didn't you trust me enough to tell me about it?" "Are you insinuating that I've lied to you?" "You've told me half-truths, which is the same thing." She's pissed that anyone can talk smack about her and he believes them. Gustavo feels his distrust is justified. "I asked you not to accept anything else from your husband and yesterday you pawned your engagement ring." Ana says she can explain, but he doesn't want to hear it. He says she did it behind his back and justifies yelling at her by saying she's giving him plenty of reason to. AP says if he's going to believe anyone but her, then it's better they break up.

Rogelio asks where Paula is, but Rosaura still won't tell him. She doesn't want AP to know that she gave her away. "I'll get her to some place where you can just show up like you'd been following her." Rogelio grins, saying he gets it…"You don't want her to know you traded her in for a house."

AP says she doesn't want to break up, but he always believes anyone else but her. He's yelling at her that she doesn't speak clearly. "Are you sure you're not planning to go back to your husband because he has money and I don't" AP has had it! She hopes in time he'll see how wrong he's been. "But you are right about one thing." "Oh, that you're hiding things from me?" "No, you dolt! That I'm still married. And I've got a lot of things to deal with before I can think about starting a new life." Gustavo grabs her, insisting on knowing where she's going. "That's not your problem anymore, is it?" AP says she kept quiet to protect him.

Rosaura is offended that Rogelio's making her sound like she's pimping out her niece. Well, you TACKY broad, you ARE pimping out your niece. So go cry in a big bag of money over it. The usual explanations about how tough life is for the poor. She gets weepy and Rogelio takes her hand. "If you don't want to go back to that kind of like, then do what I say. By my side, you'll never want for anything. But if you screw me over I'll take away all my support. Got it?"

Bruno finally gets a call from his hench. He's all ready to get Gustavo…once he sees him.

Ana hesitates to tell Gustavo what she hasn't told him and he accuses her of needing time to make up more lies. He keeps grabbing her every time she tries to leave, including in front of Margarito, saying she's not going anywhere. He even yells at Margarito. AP thanks him for all his help and says she'll pay him back for the hotel. She insists she's willing to tell him everything, but she needs time and he won't give her time. Gee, that doesn't sound suspicious at all. AP runs upstairs, leaving Gus and Margarito scratching their heads.

Miguel doesn't remember what happened. Dany tells him he lost a lot of blood and he needs to rest and recover. Miguel says he wants to die, but Dany tells him not to say that. She tells him Maripaz and Consuelo found him, thankfully. "I know it's not right, but I don't want any more problems. I don't want to cause any more problems." Dany tells him we've all got problems and he's going to find solutions, not take the easy way out. "The doctor says you need professional support and also support from everyone who loves you. Think about how much Paula loves you. Think about beautiful things so you can smile again and love life." Miguel doesn't look convinced.

Ulises tells Macaria he doesn't want her and Maripaz to think he's an ass, he just wants to take care of his daughter is all. Macaria says the best thing could be to let Maripaz be around Miguel long enough to come to her own conclusions. She's sure Maripaz is a sensible girl and will make the right decision. Ulises doesn't agree.

Bruno visits Vanessa and gives her his condolences. She says she'll need his help now that she's heading up the company. She and Cin tell Bruno that she's opening an office in San Gabriel and needs his help. They go to talk about the plans to for the office, leaving Cin to be accosted by Efrain. He demands to know if she's staying for Vanessa or David and kisses her, saying she likes the risk…it makes her feel alive! And the way she keeps coming back for more, I'd have to agree with him.

Margarito says goodbye to Gus and says he'll take care of Ana. Gus approaches her, but his phone rings. It's Rosaura asking to speak to her. Ana tells her she's had a problem with Gus and they broke up. Rosaura can barely contain her glee. She asks what happened and AP says "He thought I got married for the money and if he doesn't trust me, there's no point staying together." They plan to meet somewhere.

Rosaura hangs up the phone, giving Rogelio a smug grin.

AP gives Gus back his phone. "I'll show you I'm not a gold-digger, but by the time you realize that I'm not sure I'll be able to forgive your dickish behavior." AP and Margarito leave the house. She stops by the door and Gus starts to go after her, but nothing happens yet.

Rosaura holds her hand out for the check, but Rog won't hand it over until he actually has AP. He tests Rosaura's "loyalty" by asking her to tell him where AP's been and who she's been with.

Cin breaks away from Efrain, lamenting that she's not free. He reminds her half of the hacienda is hers and encourages her to fight for it and then marry him. "Oh, really? You think I'm going to maintain you?" He says he's the only one who's man enough for her. "The only one who knows you, knows how you are, and can meet all your needs." His phone starts ringing and Cin says "Not my economic needs. Go on. Answer the phone. It might be important." "The only thing that's important is you. I know how to run a hacienda. No one's going to look after you as well as I will, even against your brother." Cin insists he answer the phone. It's Rog, summoning Efrain. Bruno has been summoned as well and the two guys take their leave. Cin wonders why Rog called them. Vanessa figures it's to help find AP.

Rog can't believe that Fed is AP's dad. Rog feels like this explains why AP and Vanessa…he remembers how he thought they look so alike. He says if he'd known he wouldn't have pulled the crap he'd pulled. Rosaura tells him Vanessa knows and refuses to acknowledge it and how Van and Elsa wouldn't let AP go to her father's funeral. As much of an ass as Rogelio is, it's worth noting that between him and Rosaura, he's the one who's sympathetic to how AP must be hurting right now, while Rosaura is just seeing everyone as walking dollar signs.

Maria tells Miguel she assumes that since AP is such a devotee of St. Francis, Miguel must have some faith too. Miguel says they're very different. Maria tries to ask what he was thinking, but Miguel was just thinking that AP would be free, finally. Maria refuses to keep quiet and says she has to tell his family what happened, and tell Rogelio.

Rosaura points out the difficulties in proving that AP is Fed's daughter. Rog puts $ and $ together and realizes that Rosaura was hoping that Fed would be her new ATM. She denies it, of course. He asks for more details about what Paula's been up to while she's been away from him. Rosaura begs off, saying she has to go meet her. As soon as she leaves, Rog snaps at Hugo to go follow her. "Vanessa and Paula," he muses, "this isn't good." You've got that right!

AP and Margarito walk along with their rolling suitcases. She tells him they're going to go meet up with Rosaura.

Miguel begs Maria not to tell AP. He doesn't want her to worry. Maria insists and Miguel is worried about Rogelio's reaction. Maria is as convinced that AP and Rogelio belong together and Miguel is convinced they're terrible for each other.

AP and Margarito meet Rosaura in a church. Rosaura hugs AP and pretends to comfort her. "I'm sorry. You were so excited to be with your boyfriend! But everything happens for a reason." AP says she can't cry over a guy who doesn't believe in her. Maybe she'll give him another chance after she's divorced. Rosaura reminds her they've got nowhere to stay and AP says she knows, but she needs a minute to pray for Fed's soul. Rosaura says maybe she should pray for a place to stay. She goes off to buy a candle for St. Francis and she'll be right back. AP has a silent convo with the Virgen.

Mercedes has received a big honkin' flower arrangement from Ernesto. They're an apology for the date that was cut short. He can't wait to tell his daughter they're together. Mercedes is worried he'll rush it and make her think she's trying to take his mother's place. Ernesto can't wait till it's the three of them. Gloomy Gus comes downstairs. He tells them that he broke up with Ana.

Margarito asks if she prayed to get back together with Gus. She says not until she's divorced. Margarito points behind her where Rosaura is being fake dragged into the church by Hugo and Efrain and Rogelio rolls in.

Tomorrow: AP insists she won't go back with him, she admits Rog didn't kill her boyfriend because he's actually alive, Rog suspects they did the nasty.