Una Familia con Suerte, 03/12 – Hopes Dashed, Hopes Reborn, With Time for Hot Pursuits and Fiestas

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Refried beans: The witness is brought in to aver that he saw Sra. Carla Duran enter the hotel even hide in the restaurant. He explains she got a key card to her husband’s room from the front desk while she continues to claim it is all lies, she wasn’t there. But as they grasp her before she can get out of the door, she cries big tears.

Elena creeps in the prison hospital room with gloves clutched to her very tight t-shirt. Tomas is sweet to her wondering why she is there. She actually begs his pardon and cries big tears.

Pancho appears at the central market and asks Chacho what to do, he doesn’t want Rebeca to go to Miami. Chacho is as non-plussed as we are on what to say.

Elena makes a full confession at Tomas’ bedside: the whole thing is her fault even his current state of incarceration and injury, as we all nod in agreement. She even realizes how idiotic it was to take up with a married man. ¡No manches, chica! Tomas is so forgiving and comforting to her, it surpasses anything she deserves.

Henriquetta gets a call from Pancho to help him get information about Rebeca’s plans to leave. Lamberto worries better than anyone we have ever met.

The whole enchilada: Carla Duran now is worried about her children, kind of late in the day, but she actually admits that she is the one who killed her husband.

Lupita working with the children on their costumes greets Elena who comes to tell her that Tomas is a bit better and she is asking her pardon too. Chela told Lupita that tests are put before us so we can learn from our errors. She is much more gentle with Elena than any of us would be.

Back to Cristian’s wife, she recounts how she found the diamond earring (only one) and went to the hotel. Cristian woke up and she took him into the next world with one hefty smack with the candlestick that suddenly looks heavy enough that Jack couldn’t jump over it easily. So now we know that at least Cristian knew how he would meet his end.

Henriqueta tells Pancho that she found out for him that Rebeca and Mike will leave tomorrow at midday for Miami. Chacho gives good advice after sucking on his tootsiepop: have a talk with Chela. Pancho owes her that moment of truth if he is pursuing his dreams of Rebeca. Genius!

Chela who needs talking to is talking with Temoc telling him to be kind and understanding with the sad Meli who is missing her parents. Temoc wants to know if Chela and Pancho will wed. She at least says who knows but promptly has a memory flash of catching her sister’s wedding bouquet and dreaming her dreams. What? That she would be the next to marry? Seems like she thought it meant to be the next to marry Pancho….. I don’t think that is how that myth goes.

Pancho yells at Chacho that he cannot, cannot, cannot tell Chela. He recounts all the reason Chela deserves him but he can’t quit thinking about Rebeca leaving.

Rebe tells Mikey that she is having trouble leaving Avon (aka Pancho) but Mike tells her to dream with him of the new life they will have in Miami. He will get his lawyers to help her (I missed for what) He is living his dream to have the love of his life at his side.

Vicente tells Pina that he understands if she wants to get the divorce. She sadly stays when her secretary appears and they discuss that she is still not happy that her Freddy, her Principe Azul is going to stay with someone so low brow. But with whom would you want for him asks blondie with a pregnant pause?

Freddy and Ana make kissing and hitting a team sport. Freddy seems to really like Ana’s tomboy style of showing affection.

Meli and Temoc have a sweet moment. Monica and her friend talk about Moni not going to live with Jose but still she loves him like crazy.

Freddy gets around to telling Ana that his parents think the masters degree studies in LA are the most important chance that he will get in his life. He compares it with the importance to Ana of the disc. She doesn’t quite get it but he kisses her a lot.

Temoc shares that he wants to be an aeronautic engineer with Meli. He vows to work to save lives and keep children with their parents. She is impressed with him.

Moni’s friend tells her of her continuing crush on Freddy.

The lawyer shows up to tell Tomas that Carla the wife of Cristian has confessed that she killed him.

Sandra and Chacho were being silly with Mexican hats then Pancho is acting idiotic with Lupita who has new braids. He calls someone and it turns out to be Napoleon who talks in front of Candy as we slide to a break.

Pancho tells Napoleon that he knows his sister is there because Napy obliged her to be not because she wants to be. Napy insists that Candy is right there by his side by her own volition. Pancho yells lies, lies. Napy gives veiled or unveiled threats that he can’t change Candy’s choice and tells him he has important things to do as he hangs up on Pancho even though Candy begs to talk to him.

The lawyer makes Tomas break out in big grins, as he tells him that there is a bit of paper work to fill out then they can spring him from the big house.

Mike and Rebe talk about what they need for the new house. I think Rebe needs a new dress that doesn’t cut off the blood supply to her butt. But that’s just me.

And for our comic relief the entire family is dressed in authentic costumes to celebrate the festival of Mexico’s Independence. Suddenly they have all had time to get elaborate costumes, fireworks and mariachi’s together in the midst of their troubles, law suits, death threats and prison scenes. But, where is Chela? Elena? I guess we know where Tomas still is until the endless paperwork is complete and Rebe and Mike were just at her apartment. There is also time to pass around PRODUCT, Botas, or is it Botanas, salty snacks that I actually eat in Mexico. This is better than one of them dabbing their eyes with dark circle concealer, isn’t it?

Dr. Octavio is dressed like a country bumpkin kissing Fernando. Pancho introduces los Tucanes de Tijuana. Oops there is Chela dancing with Pancho. Lamberto tries to get a dance with Henriqueta. This beats hearing Ana’s music again. But NO, I spoke to soon. They hold a dance contest. Pancho and Ana dance together. Lupita is dreaming of why Tomas isn’t they’re enjoying himself and Elena shows up to commiserate and notice that Lupita is thinking about Tomas. Elena decides that she can’t fake being happy enough to stay at the dance and sulks, skulks off. Pancho comes up to grab Ana to dance. Tucanes of Tijuana are celebrating 27 years of music. They in turn give ana the stage to celebrate her new disc. She in turn calls Freddy up to the stage and dedicates the next song to him. Oh well, we almost made it through an episode without having to hear her. At least Freddy plays pretty decent air guitar.

Fernanda tells Octavio that she is happier now than she has been in years and she owes her very presence there to Pancho. Pancho calls Mario up from T de T who says he will be the godfather of Ana’s disc. The whole family comes up on stage for the Viva Mexico and singing the Pancho Lopez song. Product endorsement fade to more alluring photos from Abysmo’s grand estreno in one more hour. But now more ads.

Candy begs Napoleon to spare her brother. In her exuberance to thank him, Napy is able to cop a feel or two without losing his dapper hat.

Pina and Vicente talk about something important while Vin flings all the pillows off the couch again until he is close enough to kiss Pina’s dainty leg. I guess this is their accustomed way of making up?

Napoleon who likes to wear his cool dark glasses even at home, discusses endlessly with Candy that he will consider sparing Pancho and Vicente and he has enough money to buy everyone around Candy.

Pancho replays Fernanda’s advice that he is making the wrong decision not to tell Rebe and Chela about his real feelings. Next morning Pancho tries to tell Lupita that he doesn’t want Rebe to leave. The maids downstairs are ecstatic at Chela’s coming good luck at netting Pancho for real. Lupita chastises Pancho for giving wings to Chela’s dreams and not telling her about his true dreams of loving Rebe. She informs him that he has to face Chela alone and not be a coward. Maybe Rebe still loves him even though she is going off with Mike but she tells him that Chela has loved him completely for all these years and what he is doing or about to do with her feelings is unsupportable. She stomps out of the room.

Mike, ever the overly eager one shows up early to tell Rebe he can’t be without her until it is time to leave. He gives her more dreary kisses.

Chela shows up in Pancho’s room saying Lupita says he has something to tell her alone. She thinks it is maybe that he is worried about Candy. But he mutters to himself that now is the moment to get to the point. Chela insists that he get to the point (al grano) He starts like an idiot saying he is going to: bath, dress, perfume himself and, and well he is going to go off to see Rebeca. Whew… we all need a break to hear about movies, blackberries floor cleaner, etc. And well, just breathe. I wasn’t sure he could do it. Gooooo Pancho.

Chela screams at Pancho that she knows how much she has dreamed about being with him. She insists that he not touch her. She gave him herself unconditionally and her throws rocks at her heart. She screams she will never pardon him and she stomps out of his room. Pancho cries about his mess alone in his room.

The lawyer has appeared in the Lopez living room to tell the girls that Tomas will be released from prison post haste.

Napoleon and Candy have another uncomfortable breakfast. He hands her a present, an invitation to their wedding that will be this Saturday. She is shocked.

Vicente throws more pillows then is suddenly dreamy eyed in his office when Enzo comes in. He swears that he isn’t thinking precisely of Candy. Then you are thinking of Pina questions Enzo. Vicente turns the table and says you are thinking of quesadillas (Chela). No not exactly, then you are thinking of Lidia?

Some fey guy is hiding in Arnold’s inner office while Arnold sneaks in to Vicente’s office. Arnold cries on Vicente’s nice suit I think he is sad about Pina’s spurning him but I don’t think Vice knows why he is crying.

Chela is in hysterics in front of Lupita and Ana. What am I going to do? She says over and over. At this moment she wants to go to the mountain, she doesn’t want to talk with or see anyone.

Pancho makes it out to La Burra when he is gripped with the memory of Chela screaming she will never, never forgive him. Ever!

Candy is telling someone to come to Mansion de Napoleon to visit with big Napy’s permission. Meantime, Pancho has a fight with another driver who blocks him in the street. Pancho gets out to punch the guy and as they square off, a crowd and a cop gather to make the scene just a bit sillier. The cop recognizes Pancho so wants the famous Pancho’s autograph.

Rebe declares she will miss her beloved apartment. Mike tries to be understanding of everything. They get down to the car finally just as Pancho pulls up in La Burra. She takes off and Pancho runs after her ineffectively screaming at Mike’s disappearing car. The windows are probably up, she doesn’t even turn around.

Chela and Candy discuss her doomed wedding planned by Napy, Pancho can’t get La Burra started and calls Chacho for advice. Henriqueta finds out that Rebe has left the apartment and will return, NEVER.

Candy comforts her in her way, telling her I tried to tell you. Pancho begs a ride in a taxi but the driver says the airport is too far away.

Lupita and Ana give Pepe the good news that Tomas will be released. The siblings take a good news hug all around. Meanwhile, Tomas discusses his impending release with the lawyer, it is easier to enter than to leave warns the lawyer. It will be soon. Tomas asks for help getting his cellmate’s case heard. Is this more evidence of the rebirth of the good Tomas?

Another taxi with a driver who looks almost comatose agrees to crawl toward the airport with Pancho in the back. Looks like a runway scene pending.

Fer tells Octavio that at this moment her best friend Rebeca is boarding a plane to leave for Miami with Mike, a man that Fer is sure Rebe does NOT love. She tried to tell Pancho he was making a big mistake not to stop Rebe. She says she feels like he is her true son. She insists that she feels in her heart that Pancho is her true son. Octavio pompously says, I hate to be crude but dear Fer, DNA doesn’t lie! (But dear Octavio, nephews lie all the time.)

Napy enters Vice’s office while back in Octavio’s office, Fer insists that she is sure there was some mistake about her and Pancho. Octavio wisely agrees that they will do a retesting. This time they will send things to the US. She is so happy. With any luck, they will both be boca cerada.

Candy shows the tearful Chela the wedding invitation and Chela wails some more about another person leaving her.

Napy dismisses Arnold telling him he wants to talk to Vice like a MAN. Arnold all but crawls out of the office. Once alone, Napy tells Vice of his plans to marry Candy. After the break, Napy invites Vice to the wedding and says bring your wife, servants and even your Nenenenenene. How do you know about him? I know much more about you than you think I do. Exits advising Vicente that he better come to the wedding.

A sad Rebe exits the car with Mike at the airport. He reports that in a half hour they will depart. Just then Pancho arrives in the turtle, er I mean taxi and how did Chacho get there too. Pancho gets directions to the gate running straight into the guard who won’t let him pass without a boarding pass. They say the only way is to buy a ticket. He knocks people out of line at the ticket desk, buys the ticket, and tries to jump the line while he argues with the crowd that he needs to get to the love of his life so they let him cut just this time. He tries to get through the security check and must leave his belt behind with Chacho. He jumps the seats like the old O.J. of yore before all that trouble. Alas, he arrives in time to find the gate closed and we watch with him while the plane carrying away his beloved does a powerful take-off. The distraught Pancho cries out to Rebeca.

Next: Candy’s wedding plans advance and Fer is surprised by none other than Rebeca who says she did not get on the plane! ¡No Manches! Tomorrow will be another wacko day with La Familia.